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Nigerian Panla is also known as red codfish. This smoked codfish sauce is cooked almost like a stir fry with green pepper, onion, and other vegetables. Because the fish is already smoked, there is no need for long cooking. This cooks almost as


Red beans is so nutritious, I tried to eat more but cooking them takes them and can really consume gas. I tried making akara balls, they took long to cook. Longer than akara made with brown or white beans. Some people enjoyed it but I prefer brown or white beans akara. This pictures have been with me for some months now, I didn't

How to Make coated groundnut known as peanut burger

Nigerian peanut burger also known as coated groundnuts can be made with raw or roasted groundnuts. I prefer the ones made with roasted groundnut because those are actually more crunchy. But, if you must make with raw groundnuts, then you have to let them dry for long hours after washing, to get really really dry before coating and frying. The

How to cook moi moi with whole coconuts

I shared a moi moi recipe cooked with coconut milk instead of water here, a couple months back. Today, I'm cooking this delicious moi moi with whole coconuts not just the milk o. Coconuts are in season now and less expensive, we'll make the best of the season, load our bodies with all the cocogoodness. No oil added but you can add if you like. The bottle of oil in the pic is because I initially planned to stir-fry the onion, pepper and crayfish before adding, but later CHANGED my mind. These broad moi moi leaves have been preserved for 3 months and they still very fresh. *TO QUICK-WASH BEANS; Rinse and run in the food processor for just 10 seconds, Add water and filter out the skin, rinse out all the skin in seconds and your beans is clean and ready. INGREDIENTS:
2 cups beans (Shop measuring cups and measuring spoons )
1 medium sized coconut
1 cup water for blending (To start with, you may need more)
1 large onion
1 tablespoon ground crayfish because coconut loves cray
Boiled …

How To Roast Groundnut In A Fry Pan Without Using Sand

Here are three simple methods of making Nigerian roasted groundnut/fried groundnut. Roast groundnuts are a great snack any day, for roast groundnut lovers, one week doesn't go by without cravings for this delicious, nutritious snack. They taste really great if done the proper way and well salted. Here in Nigeria, There are three methods of roasting or frying groundnut also known as peanuts. There

Recipe: Smoked Fish Gravy With Nigerian Rice

Smoked fish gravy is sauce cooked like any other gravy we have on this blog. Cooked with vegetables, seasoning and a thickener which could be baking flour. Cooking gravy is very easy as all it needs is stir fry the vegetables, add stock or water, season to taste and thicken to desired consistency. Gravy is cheaper (less expensive) to cook compared to Nigerian tomato stew. Gravy is nutritious and can make you eat so much rice because of the taste. Can be cooked with meat, chicken, fish etc. Scroll down to see more gravy recipes on the blog.

6 cups stock but added some more water later to reduce the thickness4 large carrots3 medium sized onion1 large cabbage4 red bell peppers (tatashey)2 smoked fish (Titus/mackerel)... deboned2 packs knorr roast meat gravy1/3 cup flourGrand soya oil1 tablespoon pepper sauce2 knorr cubes
COOKING DIRECTION: Chop and dice all vegetables and put away.Wash and debone the smoked fishHeat oil a littleStir fry the vegetabl…

Crunchy Nigerian Meat Pie Recipe

How to make and glaze Nigerian meat pie without eggs
This Crunchy Nigerian meat pie is  baked without eggs, not even for glazing. This recipe is how to make meat pies without eggs. When I shared the older meat pie recipe on Facebook, some readers asked if it's possible to make meat pie without cracks on the crust, others asked for crunchy meat pie recipe, so, here it is. These ingredients are

Coconut Rice as e dey hot! cooked with carrots, peppers and more

This coconut rice cooked with different peppers and carrot is not like any you have tasted before. It's different, nutritious and delicious. This will keep you away from the Doctor. There are other coconut rice recipes on the blog, you'll love them and this too. Variety they say is the spice of life.

4 cups rice
1 and 1/2kg chicken
1 large onion
salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes, you can use 2 more to stir fry the vegetables
2 sachets coconut milk powder OR you use 2 large coconuts
1/4 teaspoon oregano (Optional)
1/4 teaspoon curry powder
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1 small green pepper
1 small tatashey
3 scotch bonnet peppers (Ata rodo)
2 medium sized tomato fruits
1 small yellow pepper
3 medium sized carrots
1 cup vegetable oil to stir fry vegetables. I used soya oil here.
Water of course.

Boil the chicken briefly in a cooking pot with onion and salt to get stock, grill, bake or fry the…

Fresh Fish stew with vegetables (Caribbean Stewed fish altered for my Nigerian palate)


This fish stew is so delicious one cannot describe it. If you love like Caribbean stewed fish, then,you'll love this in a finger licking way. I left out a few ingredients that I think my local Nigerian palate will not enjoy. Boiled my fish the Nigerian way before adding unlike the Carribean method of just stir frying fish  along with vegetables. These pieces are large and may not cook through the way we like it here. My boiling before adding is just to ensure that my fish cook well well and I have fish stock to make sauce because definitely, my Nigerian palate will enjoy this with a hot plate of boiled rice. The stew is meant to be served as a meal sha but since I'm not really watching my weight at the moment, that alone without boiled rice won't fill me up. So I got a little bit creative and came up with this delicious pot of Nigerian fresh fish stew cooked with colourful assorted vegetables, with my Naija local flavour in there. This pot o…

Nigerian Snail Sauce Recipe

Snail sauce is great for those who want to lose weight, diabetics, and for the whole family.  Great for those avoiding red meat. Snails are here now and it's not just peppered snails that can be served. They can be used for snail stew and other Nigerian/African recipes.
This sauce goes with boiled rice but can also be served as a light meal

A handful of shred cabbage
1 medium sized onion
3 medium sized red peppers (Ata Rodo)
1/2 cup oil to stir fry
1 teaspoon curry
Salt to taste
2 seasoning cubes
1 table spoonful baking flour to thicken
1 small green pepper
4 cups water to start with, you can adjust to desired thickness.

Before you make this snail sauce, first

Simple Bread Rolls Recipe

These ingredients below made 16 bread/dinner rolls.

How to cook okro soup with tomatoes

Yes! Delicious okro soup can be cooked with tomatoes.This post should have been shared when okra was readily available and affordable but sha no problem. Nigerian tomato is playing hard to get but we shall conquer.  some people can still cook with tomatoes and if you like that nice tomato taste in your okro, you'll love this soup. This soup is not only for fufu (swallow), can also be servd with boiled rice. 'YES BOILED RICE' Try it and get addicted!

INGREDIENTS3 cups chopped okro 1 medium sized onion 8 medium sized tomatoes 1 cup palm oil or more for palm oil lovers Fish 1 kg goat meat, you can use Beef Seasoning cube Salt to taste 1 cup stock (water) to start with, you can always adjust by adding some more 1 teaspoon pepper, you can add more, I have kids who can't stand it.
DIRECTIONStir fry your onion, pepper and chopped tomatoes with seasoning cube until dry.Add the fish, check for salt and cover to cook for about 5 minutes, checking at intervalsAdd the okro and already cooked…

Recipe: How to cook coconut rice with tomatoes and vegetables

To cook Nigerian coconut rice with tomatoes and vegetables, you need more coconut milk than you would need for plain coconut rice. Adding vegetables and tomatoes enhances the taste and nutrition. Kids love coconut rice with colour. If you are not sure you like coconut rice, try this recipe and see.This is really appetizing, absolutely delicious and easy to cook. INGREDIENTS:3 cups rice 2 cups vegetable oil 1 large onion 4 large tomatoes 1 teaspoon fresh pepper, you can add more 4 large red bell peppers (Tatashey) 2 seasoning cubes 1 large fresh fish. I used croaker 2 sachets coconut milk powder Salt to taste 1/2 cup roughly ground crayfish Chicken stock (Optional) Water, just

How to cook Nigerian vegetable soup with tomatoes

I get mails from blog readers asking if it's alright to cook vegetable soups with tomatoes and my reply is a "yes" This here is vegetable soup cooked with fresh tomatoes and served with roasted goat meat.

INGREDIENTS:11/2 cups palm oil 11/2 cups vegetable oil 1 medium sized onion 5 large sized tomatoes 1 teaspoon pepper, you can add more 1 medium sized bunch ugu vegetables (Fluted pumpkin) 3 large sized bunch water leaf 1 cup ground crayfish 2 seasoning cubes salt to taste No water. The soup is cooked with juices from vegetables. 2kg goat meat (Roasted)
DIRECTION:Stir fry the onion and chopped tomatoes in hot oil with pepper and one seasoning

How to cook spaghetti with minced meat and vegetables

Spaghetti can be boiled and served with sauces and stews, served with just cheese,beef gravy cooked jollof or even fried like fried rice. This delicious pot was cooked with minced meat, vegetables and that Nigerian thing added by the little uziza sprinkle.
Cooked in less than 20 minutes. To truly enjoy spags, cook them al-dente. Not too soft.

11/2 pack spaghetti
Minced meat (I used 1k worth, that's large pack)
3 large Tatashey (Red bell peppers)
3 small tomatoes blended together with the tatashey and some onion
1 teaspoon pepper sauce
1 large sized onion
1 seasoning cube
1/2 cup soya oil
2 cabbage leaves
2 medium sized carrots
a pinch of thyme
pinch of Rosemary.
1/2 teaspoon curry
1/2 teaspoon jollof spice
Salt to taste
I gave it that Nigerian flavour with a sprinkle of chopped uziza leaves
Water to cover the spags, you may need to add more incase pot dries before food is ready. 

Before you cook this abosolutely delicious meal, first blend the tatashey, tomatoes and half that onion, boi…

How to cook Nigerian Yam Porridge without palm oil

Yam porridge can be cooked with or without palm oil and both methods taste great just that the one cooked without palm oil doesn't have that beautiful colour. If you cook with Saladmaster cookware, you already know that they do not need any kind of oil because the pots are all about healthy living.

I made this colourful, delicious yam porridge without even a drop of palm oil. Red bell pepper enhances the taste and also adds colour not forgetting all the health benefits of red bell peppers.
Yam porridge cooked without a drop of oil is delicious. Do not worry, the oil from the fish is all the body needs.

1/2 small tuber of yam
Enough water to cover the yam
2 medium sized smoked cat fish
1 large onion
5 large red bell peppers (tatashey)
Seasoning cubes to taste
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon fresh scotch bonnet pepper (Optional)
Locust beans (Dadadwa) Optional

Nigerian coconut rice and beans


Original Recipe By Eya Ayambem.
My Nigerian coconut rice and beans is the recipe to try this weekend. So delicious I don't know how to describe it. So low cost yet so nutritious and tasty.  If you like rice, if you like beans porridge, if you like jollof rice, you'll definitely love this

Recipe for minced meat & cow tail gravy

Minced meat and cow tail gravy is really delicious with rice. The main meat here is the cowtail but knowing that cowtail on it's own is almost tasteless, I added minced meat (beef) for enhanced taste. Didn't want to cook nutritious but bland gravy, wanted both taste and nutrition combined in 1 pot. Rice and stew can be tiring sometimes if we do not alternate with gravy. 
Nigerians have come to accept and love gravies so much so that at events these days, you hardly see rice and stew without some gravy for those who prefer it. To cook cow tail gravy, it's very important to first of all cook the cow tail soft and seasoned before adding to gravy. I pressure cooked the cow tail soft in just 15 minutes.
1/2 cup vegetable oil1 large onion1 cup minced meatSeasoning cubes to tasteSalt to tastePepper (I always use my pepper sauce for cooking)3 cabbage leaves1 large egg plant (Garden egg)3 medium sized carrotsA handful of green peas1/2 cow tailThickener ( I used knorr grav…

Pound Cake Recipe For The Learner

Also known as Nigerian cake
How to bake Nigerian cake:This no stress pound cake recipe is especially for the learner who thinks that baking is difficult. This recipe doesn't ask that you mix anything separately before adding. All you have to do is measure and pour in a large bowl. Preparation takes less than 10  minutes and your cake is put in the oven. All you need is a stand mixer because the weight is going to be much for manual mixing.
INGREDIENTS: 4 cups all purpose flour (500 grams) 2 cups sugar (500 grams) 2 cups butter ( I used 2 sachets baking margarine) (500 grams) 6 large eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla essence

PREPARATION: Layer all the ingredients in a bowl, start with the flour, sugar, butter, eggs and finally vanilla.

Recipe: How To Bake Bread Nigerian Style (Less Sugar)

Nigerian style bread is very soft, that bread that's soft, light and a bit elastic you can squeeze a whole loaf into the palm of your hand and it goes so well with margarine. If you like Nigerian agege bread, you'll love this. It's that soft bread that makes you eat so much without realizing. Easy to bake and great because sugar/honey is controlled by you. I added just 2 spoons of sugar to this bread made with 4 cups flour.
1 Sachet yeast (2 and /1/4 teaspoon)4 cups plain flour4 tablespoons warm water2 cups warm milk2 tablespoons margarine2 tablespoons sugar1 teaspoon salt1 tablespoon Olive oilegg and milk for glazing (brushing/egg wash)