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Wednesday, July 05, 2017

MY LIPSTICK REVIEW: Testing MAC lipstick, Elsas and Jordana for cancer causing Lead; See The conclusion (Photos)

MAC Lipstick, Jordana and Elsas on my clean before scratching a ring. See more pictures below.
Cancer is not something to joke with or ignore talks about. What inspired this test is the Lipstick Testing article I received in my inbox this morning (see below). Those of us with dry lips cannot completely stop using lipstick or gloss because cracked lips will come visiting.When I got it, didn't want to post here on the blog so I posted to Nigerian wives connection Facebook Page. People immediately started sharing. Then,  it felt good that none of the lipstick brands I use is listed ...cancer because they contain so much lead. Then again, I said to myself "That list is too short to be exhaustive, let me test my lipstick first to be sure'. I brought them out, rubbed on my palm, scratched a ring and the result below is my conclusion.

After rubbing the Gold ring repeatedly, it was only the MAC lipstick that

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Pampers Baby-Dry Review

 So, I got loads of pampers baby dry to use on Chairman and share my experience with other moms.  What I put down here is my personal touch with pampers. My baby will soon be 2 by God's grace, and, since birth, I have tried over 5 different brands of diapers on him so, in this department?  I can type authoritatively.

I hope to help other parents make smart choices when it comes to diapers.  On my baby, pampers baby dry  is smaller and less bulky than some bands that I have used. It sees my baby right through the night. Below is the diaper he wore at 6PM, slept all through the

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Knorr Seasoning Versus Maggi Seasoning. Which would you?

If you were to cook all your Nigerian soups with just one of these two