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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Can a woman with Rhesus negative blood type give birth to children?

Hello wives connection. I am a young student who found your blog on Google and needs help.  My parents both have positive blood groups;  mum is o+ while dad is A- Both me and my elder brother are negative and people keep telling me that I might give birth to just one child in my lifetime, that if I lose the first pregnancy I might remain barren because negative blood group causes miscarriages.  Is it true ma?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Woman got pregnant one week after giving birth, later had 4 babies in 11 months

A mom from Wales experienced the miracle of life four times over in just 11 months.
Becky John, of Swansea, thought it would be nice for her baby daughter Mya to have a similarly aged sibling to play with and decided to conceive another child with her partner Jason Evans.
John, who gave birth to Mya in February,2015, became pregnant just one week later and was shocked to discover she would be giving birth to triplets.
“I had to stare at the screen just to make sure for myself. And I counted the heartbeats one by one. It was true I was actually pregnant with triplets,” John told Barcroft, adding none of her friends believed her.

“They were all naturally conceived and they were each from a separate egg, which is really rare. Doctors told us it was the healthiest way to have triplets, because they all had a placenta each, it meant there was no risks associated with any one of them sharing a placenta,” John added.John — who also has a nine-year-old daughter named Kayla — gave birth by caesarian to Ryan, Raya and Phoebe.
“I was so huge by that time I could barely move and doctors wanted to get them out in case I went into labor early,” John told Barcroft.
“I’ve been carrying around nearly 15 pounds of babies. I couldn’t believe it. But I was just so relieved they were all healthy and well,” she added.

John was worried how she would manage with so many babies, but now she couldn’t be happier with her newest additions.
“Kayla was thrilled with her three new brothers and sisters and it’s lovely to think that Mya and the triplets are growing up so close in age,” John said.
*So, after one week, the plate is already clean and dry enough for dishing and serving food? She is a strong woman. Kudos!*

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Katsina Woman single-handedly delivers a set of Quadruplets in her bedroom (photos)

A woman identified as Sahura reportedly gave birth to quadruplets, all boys, in her home at Zakara area of Makera village, Dutsinma Local Government Area of Katsina State without any form of local or

Sunday, December 17, 2017

New mum goes viral after sharing what a true post baby body looks like without surgery

A new mum has gone viral after she shared a photo of her real post baby body on Facebook. The post which has since gone viral got a lot of positive response from millions around the world.

She wrote alongside the post...

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Sad! 55 year old Bank Manager slumps, dies 3 days after giving birth to triplets; How she defied Doctors orders to please husband

A 55 year old woman, Mrs Judith Nwokemodo, who was reportedly a Fidelity Bank manger, has died three days after giving birth to triplets.

Facebook user, Nedy Mathias took to the platform to share how she defied doctor’s orders to conceive via IVF because her husband threatened to marry another wife if she doesn’t.

Mathias added that Mrs Judith Unoma Nwokemodo already had a son but her husband said he

Monday, November 20, 2017

Here is why women started to lie down flat during childbirth and why it's not the best method

During labour and childbirth, The scene is mostly the same: woman on a bed, white gown, looking sweaty and screaming blue murder, while pushing and doling out witty put downs to her husband, who stands awkwardly to one side or outside if it's a general (Government) hospital in Nigeria.
It's not a pretty picture and certainly not one that played out during childbirth in days gone by – or more specifically over 300 years ago. 

For starters, there never even used to be a bed in childbirthing. The idea of giving birth on a bed wasn't actually introduced until

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Benue State Rev. and wife welcome baby after 32 years of marriage

After 32 years of marriage, Rev & Mrs Michael Ewache, of The Glory of His Majesty Church, Benue State, dedicate their first child, Treasure.
The baby arrived on Monday 5th June, 2017 at The National Hospital  Abuja after 32 years of trials, questions,

Sunday, September 11, 2016

205 Flogging Comments for maternity photoshoot mum

As soon as her pic was shared on wives connection Facebook page, comments started pouring and have continued as I typed. Visit the page HERE to see for yourself.
Below are some comments from there...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Nigerian Food For Pregnant women (To Lose Weight)

Good day eya,
I must say I really enjoy your blog especially the mouth watering recipes, but please I have a small request.
I am preggers at the moment and would like if you can provide detailed nutritional Nigerian food time table, if possible per trimester, so as not to "gain weight".
Thank you . 
Best regards to your family (blog and personal).
I gained a lot of weight from my first from

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


bathing a baby
 This baby is just too cute in that sink. I love love her smooth chocolate complexion. I wish the sharer linked back or mentioned the original poster. I'd love to know who born this little cutie.

This picture was shared on IG and someone left a comment that reads " WTF, IS THAT NOT A WASH HAND BASIN?" I had to bring it here to let us know that it's OK to bathe baby in a clean sink. It's not mandatory for pregnant moms to shop a plastic baby bath tub if one has a clean sink. Yes. we can bathe them in clean sinks and that's even the best tub for new born babies and first time moms who have problems sitting and bending to bathe with the regular plastic tub. It's easier to bathe baby in a clean sink because here  mom stands comfortably and has a better grip on baby while toiletries are neatly arranged on the counter just beside. The only wahala with our Naija

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


When you become sexually active is when to start. Birth control pills are way better than abortion. You know that abstinence is the best. Purity before marriage is what we preach but if you must fall into sin with your fiance, better to prevent pregnancy than abort. Unmarried women can take birth control if they are sexually active. Saying "Thou shall not commit fornication doesn't mean that some "about to wed" are not enjoying their pre-matrimonial  bed already. If you cannot hold body, forget withdrawal because it fails more than it prevents pregnancy, forget oral o, because someone has gotten pregnant through

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Inefficient Gynaecologist at Crystal Hospital Dopemu, What Can I Do?

Hello aunt Eya,
I want to use this medium to report what happened at the above mentioned hospital located in Dopemu area close to Egbede.
Eight months ago,I had a baby there through CS.I later found out that the gynaecologist didn't do well.when I arrived there,he checked me and I was 2cm dilated and afterward referred me for cervical ripening but he wasn't the one that did the ripening for me .

another doctor came along and performed the ripening even while I was not in labour and there was no issue with me nor the pregnancy ,the baby wass doing well in the womb so I don't know why cervical ripening that lead to rupturing my

Monday, May 16, 2016

40 weeks pregnant and weight lifting


Round applause for Emily Breeze.There are pregnancies and there are pregnancies. While ordinary sweeping the floor gave mild contractions with my last pregnancy, she is lifting heavy weight at 40 weeks, cleared by her Doctor. Wow! Only do this if your Doctor has cleared you biko. 
See more after the jump...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

10 Things You Should Never Say To People Trying To Conceive (TTC)

 Image: TheGrio.

People sometimes don't know what to say to those going through this phase, and when they finally say something, you just wish they hadn't. In the journey of waiting on The Almighty, the giver of children, women have heard crazy, heart rending things being said to them. Surprisingly, these statements come from people very close who know their struggle.

1. You are still young, why are you worrying yourself? Yes na, we all know she is still young and she knows also that, if she is not too young yo get married, then she is not too young for anything. 

2. You are too fat, maybe you need to lose weight: Haven't we seen lots of big

Friday, February 26, 2016

Antenatal Care In Port Harcourt. Suggest Best Hospital

Aunty Eya Good morning. i'm just confused as to where i'll start antenatal care here in port harcourt. I stay in choba Uniport and i'm in my final year although i'm not based here.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Can A Pregnant Woman Eat Nigerian pepper soup, Bitter leaf, Ugu and Hot Leaf?

Good morning Aunty Eya. God bless you for this forum. Please ma, this is my first pregnancy and I don't want to make mistakes eating the wrong foods.  I crave pepper soup daily  and now am scared the hot pepper in there

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Giving Birth In America, Any Blog Reader With Experience Or Tips Please?

Travelling To Give Birth In The USA.

Good morning Aunty Eya, thank you for this wonderful platform that helps us share info f learn right from our bedrooms.  I am an ardent reader who started following wives connection right from inception.  This is my first post on the blog however.  Can you do me a favour?  I need info about giving birth in America. See Aunty Eya, my family has done the American green card lottery thing for over 10

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Four Nigerian Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

     A pot of isi ewu cooked with potash..    
  1.  Ngwongwo:  (Not the goat meat type, I mean dog meat ngwongwo). This is a dog meat delicacy from Calabar also known as forty forty. Not all Cross Riverians eat dog meat

Monday, February 24, 2014

Omi Atanifa Soup For New Moms By Deborah Bala

A pot of omi atanifa soup

This is a kind of soup made by the bode people of Edo state. It is also good for women that just delivered. Made this for a friend that delivered via CS so I used minimal pepper unlike the previous post partum pepper soup. Ingredients. Scent leaves. Uziza leaves. Spice( don't know the English names but the pictures are available) garlic. Pepper onions. Groundnut. Seasoning.  

Procedure. Wash the fish properly, pluck the leaves and wash properly to remove dirt. Blend or

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Post-Partum Nigerian Chicken Pepper soup For Nursing Mothers By Deborah Bala

Pepper soup for nursing mothers
A friend of mine delivered and i decided to make this chicken pepper soup for her. It's mainly made with fish but i felt she may have had too much of that so I used chicken. Pls I don't know if this pepper soup is safe for pregnant women so won't advise them to take it. Single ladies and men you can also learn this to make for friends that just delivered. 

Peel your