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How Much Capital Is Needed To Start Yam Frying Business?

Hello ma, I am a  wives connection addict, a full time housewife in need of something I can do to earn my own income.  I don't mind any roadside or petty business provided I'll make some money daily. I thought about frying yam but not sure how much capital is needed.

What To Do When Your Husband/Wife Financially Cheats

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Financial infidelity is cheating. It doesn’t involve sneaking off into seedy motel rooms or sending hot and steamy text messages to a paramour, but it does involve a series of secrets and lies that can devastate a relationship. Financial infidelity is any money-related conduct that involves one spouse being less-than-truthful or forthcoming with the other spouse. It often starts off small

I Am Supposed To See Him Today But Do Not Know What To Say To Him

Aunty Eya,Good Morning!Please help me post this without putting my name,email or been linked to my former post,thank you! 

I am confused i woke up in tears this morning because i am tired.My boyfriend and i were supposed to have a eat out later today,but he sent a long text to me explaining that he sold the ticket he bought in advance(one has to book in advance) to someone because