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How Much Capital Is Needed To Start Yam Frying Business?

Hello ma, I am a  wives connection addict, a full time housewife in need of something I can do to earn my own income.  I don't mind any roadside or petty business provided I'll make some money daily. I thought about frying yam but not sure how much capital is needed.

Eya Narrates Her Experience With Aliexpress Online Shopping

In November 2013, after reading all the posts and lectures by you guys, I decided to give online shopping a try. It was my first. With all the success stories, I went loading my cart with some nice goodies. Being my first attempt I took the advice of a poster Beecee that instructed first timers to start with cheap items.
I shopped, didn't know then that I needed to chat with the sellers, read their reviews before making payments.

I picked from three different sellers and paid almost immediately. Not long after, got notified that my goods have been shipped. Another mail came in stating that delivery date for my goods had been extended to around February 2014. What? Well... I consoled myself that reason could be my choice of free shipping.

I impatiently waited until February ended before going to track my goods, I guess pregnancy just made me lose interest in all the stuff I bought. From tracking, I discovered my goods were supposed to have arrived Nigeria a few weeks earlier. At …

How To Start Importing Goods To Nigeria Without Stress (Lecture 1) By Dortiye

Good evening Aunty Eya, sorry I have been away from the family but I usually visit once in a while. Hope your baby is doing better now? ...
 . Aunty Eya, I would like to assist the house (wives, single ladies, men, boys etc) with tips and guidelines to shopping from aliexpress and ghgate, personally I import virgin human hair and sell making good profit.