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Friday, March 30, 2018


1/2 cup boiled rice and beans with stew and some cucumber slices.
Brunch and dinner for yesterday Thursday, March 29. Before the carrot and cucumber smoothie was ready, I ate 2 boiled eggs sha. Dinner was just 1 cup of boiled rice and beans with stew and a side of cucumber slices. E nor bellefull me but I just maintainnnn...

A mug of blended carrots and cucumber.

After yesterday's planks and all, I couldn't find the energy to work out today, make I rest abeg.
Still gliding on 80 kg this morning, I snacked on roasted groundnuts at night (Not advisable though) God be praised for how good I feel about my size as I look forward to my desired final destination which is 76kg by God's grace oh! Then I can increase my portions a bit and just maintain that. What ever you desire to weigh is possible, you alone have the power to get yourself there or to just give up and stay where you are just wishing. We can do this. I want to try and see if it's possible for me to lose the weight and return again to 76 kg (That's what I weighed after my first pregnancy. I remember nursing my first child , weighing 76 kg and then I gradually derailed and packed on the phat. I'll keep trying my best to see how far we can go this time but giving up? nah... This morning I still weigh 80kg, God be praised for this enablement.

... 😘😘😘

.#wecandothis #givingupisnotanoption#therearepitfallsandsmalltemptationsbutnoproblem #wearemovingforward#forwardeverbackwardnever #whofatepp

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fresh Fish stew with vegetables (Caribbean Stewed fish altered for my Nigerian palate)

Fresh fish stew cooked with vegetables.

This fish stew is so delicious one cannot describe it. If you love like Caribbean stewed fish, then,you'll love this in a finger licking way. I left out a few ingredients that I think my local Nigerian palate will not enjoy. Boiled my fish the Nigerian way before adding unlike the Carribean method of just stir frying fish  along with vegetables. These pieces are large and may not cook through the way we like it here. My boiling before adding is just to ensure that my fish cook well well and I have fish stock to make sauce because definitely, my Nigerian palate will enjoy this with a hot plate of boiled rice. The stew is meant to be served as a meal sha but since I'm not really watching my weight at the moment, that alone without boiled rice won't fill me up. So I got a little bit creative and came up with this delicious pot of Nigerian fresh fish stew cooked with colourful assorted vegetables, with my Naija local flavour in there. This pot of fish stew serves 7.

2 Scallion ( Spring onion)
1 large Red bell pepper (Tatashey)
1 large Shallot (Onion)
1 large Green pepper
1 large Yellow pepper
1 large Orange pepper
3 Scotch bonnet (Ata rodo pepper)
4 medium sized Tomato fruit
1/2 teaspoon Thyme
1/2 teaspoon Black pepper
3 cups Vegetable oil. You can use less
2 medium sized Fresh fish (Croaker)
2 Seasoning cubes
Salt to taste
3 cups Water to boil the fish. You can add more if you like to make more stock


  1. First dice and chop washed vegetables, wash and boil fish with salt and onion and set aside.
  2. Stir fry some vegetables (Onion, tomatoes, all the peppers, thyme, black pepper, in oil with seasoning and salt for about 3 minutes in medium heat so they don't burn. Check for taste. Should taste really good at this time already, with delicious aroma filling the whole kitchen.
  3. Next, gently add your already boiled fish and stock, with a wooden spoon, shift vegetables and place fish without stirring or just empty sauteed vegetables into the pot of cooked fish for easy transfer. Cover and leave to simmer for about a minute or less. Check again for taste.
  4. Add the spring onion and immediately turn off the heat, if you can do without crushing the fish, then gently stir and mix. Leave to stand for about 3 minutes, let the different tastes and flavours seep into the fish before serving as a meal or with boiled rice, spaghetti or macaroni.
Scroll down to See my step by step cooking pictures below...

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Recipe: How to cook tasty tin tomato stew; convert to Nigerian Jollof rice

Making very good canned tomato stew is not as difficult as most people think. My tin tomato stew doesn't taste sour and it's because of the cooking method. You can cook tin tomato stew that's as good as bukka style stew without mixing fresh tomatoes. I made this stew for jollof rice as shown on the pictures below: With fresh tomato scarcity, you can still enjoy good rice and stew; good jollof rice at home.
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  • Medium sized canned tomato paste
  • 3 medium sized onion
  • 1 teaspoon Black pepper
  • soya oil
  • salt seasoning cubes
  • Fresh pepper (I used my preserved pepper sauce)
  • Water
  • Beef stock

Thursday, July 07, 2016


Tomato stew
Nigerian tomato stew.

Good morning pot of stew to remind us to enjoy the last holiday of the week and I don't know if working half day tomorrow is enough or the holiday should just carry on till Monday sef? Na wa. 
Ok, sometimes your pot of stew turns out looking this fresh and inviting but that little sour tomato taste just won't go away. Sour taste is not for my stews sha because I boil my tomatoes before blending and if like me you boil yours too before blending, then skip and open the next post. 

For those who blend raw tomatoes, if you have tried everything, yet your pot of  stew has refused to let go of that sour/ slappy taste? One simple thing can eradicate completely that sourness. It's smoked mackerel. Smoked mackerel is dry iced fish, not catfish oh. Smoked like the one in the picture below...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nigerian Four in one ugu, green, water leaf, tomatoes stew served with rice

Nigerian vegetable stew

A serving of Nigerian vegetable stew with rice, fries and titus fish

This assorted vegetable stew is cooked with ugu vegetables, waterleaf, green amaranth, and tomatoes. Served with boiled rice and Eba. I enjoyed it with boiled rice, others preferred with garri. The Irish potatoe fries were added for enjoyment but taken off after snapping because I couldn't find ketchup to spread on them. There was no long cooking involved as green vegetables don't do well with heat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Low Cost Nigerian Tomato Stew

 I made a low cost lunch and decided to share with my online family that you dont always need large amounts of money in order to cook a sumptous meal.

rice/beans with tin-tomato stew(i would lay all emphasis on the stew)

ingredients for the stew.

tasty tom tomato paste (2 sachets)
garlic clove
ground crayfish
knorr chicken
canola oil


-wash fish and place the cleaned fish inside a pot, spice it up with salt, pepper, seasoning, little thyme.
-bring it to a boil but do not overcook the fish. separate the boiled fish from its stock.
-in a clean pan, fry the fish in oil. i prefer canola oil because it has omega 3 in it.
-in a clean bowls, slice your onions, garlic(used two pieces), pepper(you can manual blender because i want the pepper coarse)
-in a clean bowl, put the thick tomato paste,add the previously sliced onions into the paste and add water to this ensure its not too watery and too thick( sorry i couldnt take the picture)
-in your pot, add your oil, allow to heat up, then add the pepper. stir for a short while, then add the not too thick tomato and onion paste and stir.
-ensure the mixture doesnt burn by stirring at intervals and tasting to ensure the sour taste of the paste isnt evident.
-when the tomato paste is fried, add benny chicken spice and thyme and garlic.
-after a short while, add the fish stock and stir, add salt and if need be, add knorr seasoning, stir and cover the pot to cook.
-check to ensure it isnt burning and after a while, add the blended crayfish, stir and add your fried fish.
-3 to 5 minutes later, lunch is served.
-please try it and give us feedback.

as for the low cost, this is my analysis.

tasty tom tomato paste (2 sachets)       -N80
atarodo                                 -N50
garlic clove                            -N20
onions                                  -N50
ground crayfish                         -N50
knorr chicken                           -N20
fish(half kilo)                         -N250
thyme                                   -N20
salt                                            -N20
canola oil(Available in your kitchen)
TOTAL                                   -N560


Sunday, August 10, 2014

Delicious Tomato Stew With Baked Beans

Nigerian tomato stew with baked beans.
 This baked beans tomato stew is the fastest and easiest delicious tomato stew we can make. It doesn't need any tomato cooking expertise to get delicious because the fish and baked beans in tomato sauce automatically gives your stew a very good aroma and taste.
There was no need for step by step pics because the method is same as that of Nigerian emergency stew except that here I used baked beans in tomato sauce.
We already have a pot on how to cook very red tomato stew.

I don't want to call this emergency stew but it really comes in handy when you cannot go out to get fresh stuff. The stew is very good with bread, boiled yam, plantain, pasta and even swallow. If your tomato stew always tastes sour, then visit wives connection secret to delicious tomato stew

Your worst cooking blunder  Have

Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Cook Fresh Catfish Stew

A serving of fresh catfish stew
Fresh fish stew is very easy to cook if one knows how to avoid stirring the fish while it cooks. The best way I do this is cook the washed fish in a different pot, cook the tomato stew in another pot before pouring into the cooked fish and leaving to simmer until yummy. Even those who

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My personal secret to the best Nigerian tomato stew

My Nigerian tomato stew.

Cooking very good tasting Nigerian stew is easy. My secret will help you cook the best tomatoes stews without scratching your head.
 Frying tomatoes for preservation

There are 2 methods I use to get great Nigerian tomato stew. 

1. I boil the tomatoes before blending with tatashe and onion.
            2. I blend tomatoes and tatashey together before boiling. However, I do not boil for long and empty my gas cylinder because excess water is drained out with a sieve.
I cannot remember ever cooking Nigerian tomato stew that doesn't taste wonderful. Everytime I cook tomato stew, it turns out great because I don't just do the normal blend and cook the tomatoes. I have my secret handed down by an Aunt. It never fails. In fact there are two methods of making my Nigerian stew and they both never disappoint.

How to cook tasty Nigerian tomato stew: Method 1