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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Enjoy Carbs served with fish in pepper sauce and a side of vegetable salad

Have a fun weekend breakfast. This is a just a suggestsion since Saturdays you are home and have the time o feed yourself and family well. There's time to cook assorted and serve like a 5 star hotel.
This dodo with fried yam, fried mackerel in pepper sauce and some salad is what my system needs right now. I don't have ripe plantain at home so will just cook without it and that fried fish in pepper

Thursday, July 07, 2016


Tomato stew
Nigerian tomato stew.

Good morning pot of stew to remind us to enjoy the last holiday of the week and I don't know if working half day tomorrow is enough or the holiday should just carry on till Monday sef? Na wa. 
Ok, sometimes your pot of stew turns out looking this fresh and inviting but that little sour tomato taste just won't go away. Sour taste is not for my stews sha because I boil my tomatoes before blending and if like me you boil yours too before blending, then skip and open the next post. 

For those who blend raw tomatoes, if you have tried everything, yet your pot of  stew has refused to let go of that sour/ slappy taste? One simple thing can eradicate completely that sourness. It's smoked mackerel. Smoked mackerel is dry iced fish, not catfish oh. Smoked like the one in the picture below...

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Delicious Tomato Stew With Baked Beans

Nigerian tomato stew with baked beans.
 This baked beans tomato stew is the fastest and easiest delicious tomato stew we can make. It doesn't need any tomato cooking expertise to get delicious because the fish and baked beans in tomato sauce automatically gives your stew a very good aroma and taste.
There was no need for step by step pics because the method is same as that of Nigerian emergency stew except that here I used baked beans in tomato sauce.
We already have a pot on how to cook very red tomato stew.

I don't want to call this emergency stew but it really comes in handy when you cannot go out to get fresh stuff. The stew is very good with bread, boiled yam, plantain, pasta and even swallow. If your tomato stew always tastes sour, then visit wives connection secret to delicious tomato stew

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