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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Fifty Basic Needs of A Nigerian Kitchen

I got this very short mail from an about to wed reader who is not Nigerian herself but getting married to a Nigerian man. She just discovered the blog and searched unsuccessfully for basic items in a Nigerian kitchen.  Below are the kitchen items I listed in my reply. If you know of any not on the list, please update.

I remember we have old posts on this. Before you look at the list below, you may want to know the fifteen most needed kitchen items

1. An electric cooker, gas cooker or a kerosene stove
2. A set of cooking pots, a set of five is fine
3. Cooking utensils
4. Plates, saucers and bowls
5. Cutlery
6. Plates rack
7. Food processor or blender. If you can get the food processor with 32 functions, that'd be great because it saves you from buying a blender, mortar and pestle and even manual graters.
8. Sandwich toaster
9. Bread toaster
10. Sieve
11. Airtight plastic containers for storing grains and foodstuff like garri, crayfish etc
12. Mugs and cups of different sizes
13.China, preferably white
14. Aprons
15. Hand gloves
16. Napkins
17. Dish washing liquid
18. Chest Freezer
19. Refrigerator
20. Dinner sets
21. Sets of drinking glasses
22. Hot water flask and electric kettle if you do not have hot water running
23. Fry pan
24. Pressure cooker
25. Rice cooker
26. Deep fryer
27. Can cutter
28. Strainer
29. A plunger incase of