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Monday, August 22, 2016


Today is world jollof rice day and we all know that Nigerian jollof rice is the best. To make this sticky chicken on the plate, go here.
Happy jollofing.
So, have you seen this hilarious video dissing Nigerian jollof rice for Ghana's version?
Watch after the cut...

Monday, September 08, 2014

Suya Jollof Rice By Omalicha

Suya jollof rice served with egg and vegetables. Oh No not suya, this is another emergency rice she cooked months ago without suya but with same process.
 Okay this is what happend, the food was inspired by the fact that I didn't want chicken and chips for dinner which is what everyone was having.i wanted skmething ricy and spicy. But there was no frozen meat or chicken or fish or any animal in the house.so I went to the junction and bought suya(allow them put enough suya pepper,beef and gizzard)N1000 worth. So that with every spoon I take I crunch something.
3 cups Rice
N500 worth Suya or more if you can afford
2 Red and 2 yellow pepper
3 large carrots 
1 Green chili
1 large Onion
Just a pinch of grated ginger
1 clove garlic
Turkey or chicken stock I used from a previous meal
1/2 teaspoon Thyme

How to cook suya jollof rice

  1. slice all the veggies including the suya into tiny bits
  2. Mixed them all up and set aside
  3. Wash rice about 4 times with lukewarm water (I dont parboil unless i'm making white rice)
  4. In a dry pot add rice, turkey stock or any stock you have at home even beef stock and seasoning.mix all up, check for seasoning add more water.
  5. Put on heat to cook.
  6. On medium heat in a large pan, put about one cooking spoon of olive oil and when hot add all your veggies and suya, then stir fry.
  7. Pour contents in frying

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Emergency Nigerian Jollof Rice

Just added my chicken stock to the pot of fried onion, fresh pepper, tomatoes, seasoning and sardines
I call this emergency jollof rice cause it was cooked in a hurry with only ingredients I could lay myn hands on at the time. Every kitchen has an emergency corner for items that we know are not perishable and do not need Naija electricity to survive. These come in handy when we need to rush a quick meal at an odd time.

You can cook with the step by step pics from my green jollof rice or cook like this recipe. You can also make the stew with sardine, tomatoes and other ingredients to add when rice is cooked. Please don't say unhealthy or whatever cos it's not every time you sef can rush to the market to all your ingredients, sometimes we manage with what is available. For any yummy Lady Anon that is planning to tell us this is unhealthy cos I cooked with canned foods, abeg o, after telling us, kuku tell us that you have never drank soaked garri with only sugar or salt on a hot afternoon or that you have never eaten roasted plantain or never chewed boiled yam with only fresh pepper and palm oil; are those ones nutritious ni? If we do not learn to sometimes improvise and manage, what happens when condition changes cause no condition is permanent o.

 Ok now, let me deviate small, think of people in war torn areas of the world, do you think that when they manage to see canned sardine and tomatoes, they'll have the strength to condemn and ask for fresh food?

Aside from emergency cooking, sometimes, it's