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20 Nigerian Food blogs to follow in 2016, Beyond

This is 2016, we need to explore more. I want to take my cooking to another level. I'd love to wow myself and my family this year, especially the kids who love to eat out on weekends, want to see if I can change that... so, I went searching for the best hands in Nigerian food. I may not be 100% correct but they are great, if you know other good food blogs to help improve our cooking, please add in the comment section and I promise to check out everything Nigerian food blog, to cook more variety. I cannot carry last when it comes to cooking Nigerian. In no particular order, here are the best Nigerian food blogs to follow in 2016 and beyond, if you know others that are missing here, please nor vex, add in the comments section. We'll check them all out.

Nigerian Pancake Rolls, Sausages By Omalicha

Good evening madam eya,and the wonderful visitors of WC blog. I'm presenting my pancake rolls recipe. i made this on a cool Friday evening when me and my family decided we wanted to eat something different,we went through older posts and I copied this from a previous pancake post by IB. It tickled

Roast Tilapia Fish With Stir Fry Vegetables By Lizzy Obaze

I just thought I should share this with Wc. I can't bake anything at all as I've never been interested to learn or watch when it's being done so no cake from me this month of cake challenge. Please manage this fish and veg.
Fish: Tilapia fish washed and set aside.

Sauce: Onion, pepper, garlic and

Peppered Variety Rice And Mutton By Omalicha

It was a warm Saturday afternoon,we were done with the house chores and the general cleanup,this was not the average Saturday,our taste buds were itching for something exciting. 
After a little dilly-dallying I came up with this recipe. It was awesome and everyone loved it. As usual,it's subject to alterations and you can always add and subtract as you wish. Enjoy!

Tasty Moi moi With Egg And Corned Beef By Ama

Good day Aunty Eya,

So as promised, I tried yourcorned beef moi moi recipe today. I couldn't bring myself to cook anything on Saturday  but I did it today. I added eggs to mine. It was YUMMY! 

Hubby was so impatient while it was on the fire and the minute it was ready, he pounced on it. I didn't hear his voice till he had downed two bowls with cold garri oh, next thing he said :"babes, gimme one more. Shey it is plenty remaining oh cos I will eat it again this night and tomorrow". That was all the "thank you" I needed. LOL!!!

I don't

How To Make Doughnuts At Home, Recipe By Moji

These pictures make it look so easy to make and for those of us whose kids love doughnuts, now we can save. Just like her pizza recipe. Moji really took

Make Pounded Yam In A Food Processor By Onome

Hi Aunty Eya,came across an old post of someone asking for pictorials on how to make  pounded yam with a food processor.Had an old one that I seldom use so I decided to give it a try.this is what I came out with.

NOTE:Yam should be cut in average chunks and let to boil very soft.Food Processor should be set at the highest and left to run .
Water should be added in tablespoons to