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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


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Aunty Eya, please help me post this on your blog. Im getting married end of next month. We have already sorted out everything except food. We did not intend to leave it till this last minute. This is what happened. We are wedding in my husband's church so some of his friends suggested we use one woman eho is a caterer in their church. I havent attended a wedding she catered to but I have eaten food she cooked fot a food program and it was nice.

When we approached her in June, we told her what we wanted which is rice (jollof and fried rice) for 350 (but upto 400) guests, swallow with 2 soups ie egusi and vegetable(afang) for 150 guets, Salad for 250 guests, moin moin for 200 guests. She gave us a budget of 170k. She is not buying meat as we are buying a cow. Three days later, she called me and said she gave wrong budget, that she would do it for 220k. I told her ok, lets remove the rice. She is suppoed to cook one and half bag of rice. After removing the rice, the total amounted to 187k. We agreed and signed an agreement that first week of October, we would give her 150k. We already bought the rice. The cow is not a problem.

Aunty Eya, imagine my surprise when she called me on Friday to say that she can no longer collect 187k,  that its 280k last. Remember we have bought rice and cow. I tried to reason with her that the wedding is 3weeks away and there is no way we can top 100k extra for her like that. She said she miscalculated with her earlier budget. I asked her if that was my fault. If she is a professional caterer as she claimed, there is no way she would have given us wrong estimate TWICE!! I tried to persuade her to understand because our finances have stretched thin but she wouldn't budge. Now its 3weeks to my wedding and I have to look for another caterer. I would appreciate swift, good and affordable recommendations. This is what i want and my budget is 200k. I can go slightly higer though:

Monday, July 11, 2016



Kidney beans sauce.
ways to serve moi moi
Nigerian moin moin.
Even if you are not diabetic, you know one or have one in your family and we are all aware of what they go through daily thinking of the right Nigerian food to eat or avoid. What is the right Nigerian food to eat if I have diabetes? Nigerians consume so much carbs and, in managing diabetes, the type of carbohydrate food you eat makes a difference. As a diabetic living in Nigeria, you can pay attention to what you eat without obsessing over everything. Nigerian food good for diabetics are foods rich in fibre and low in carbohydrates. To stay healthy, avoid sweets, soft drinks and fatty food. Before a meal plan, let's look at a list of Nigerian foods good for diabetic patients (Below)

Health Tips for diabetes;
  • Lose extra weight. This can be done without starving, eat smaller portions, eat more proteins and vegetables than carbs, Exercise... there are youtube videos that can help with exercise whether you have have only a few minutes to spare or hours. 'Bright side exercise videos' videos on Youtube are great.
  • Check your blood sugar level regularly. There is a self-help urine test post on the blog that might help you have an idea of sugar levels in your blood.
  • Get A1c blood tests from your hospital/Doctor to find out your average blood sugar for the past 2 to 3 months. ...
  • Track your carbohydrates. You can easily do this by writing down every kind of food that goes in your system. 
  • Control your blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels (Take tests, talk with a medical practitioner, avoid red meats or cut down drastically, get adequate sleep at least 8 hours daily, avoid situations/ events that can cause sadness,
  • Keep moving. Even if you are retired, do not become sedentary as a sedentary lifestyle can cause a whole lot of health issues. Do not sit on one position for too long, if you must watch TV, stand up from time to time and move around. Clean, wash, arrange, go for walks around your neighbourhood. Jogt on the spot even in your kitchen jog in your bedroom or living room.
  • Manage stress. Life is getting more and more stressful and you have to find a way to reduce stress in your life. Live simple, do not try to impress, save as much as you can and spend less.


Friday, June 10, 2016


Wrapped Moi moi in a cooking pot.
On Wednesday, after posting 10 GREAT WAYS TO SERVE MOI MOI on the blog, I couldn't get that first moi moi picture off my head oh, went to bed and woke up yesterday still imagining how delicious it will taste. I managed until evening. By 6pm I couldn't wave it anymore and had to measure out beans. Thankfully I

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Vegetables Cornmeal With Fish

vegetable cornmeal with fish
 Vegetable cornmeal cooked with fish.
I enjoyed this a lot as a child, ate lots of cornmeal s during the rains, Mostly cooked with broad pumpkin leaves. Green amaranth is also good when there's no pumpkin leaves. If you are from the South South, you may have tasted this delicacy. I can eat this for dinner because corn is not high in calories. We enjoyed this meal after so many years, I just remembered it this week. Cooking with kpanla fish makes this a very very affordable dish because kpanla fish is the most affordable fish in Nigerian market right now.
We have food is Nigeria abeg, in abundance.

  • 2 Tablespoonfuls palm oil

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Local Palm oil jollof rice with dadawa, smoked fish and vegetables

Nigerian recipes
Palm oil rice with dawadawa, smoked fish and vegetables
Palm oil local jollof rice cooked the same way we cooked the palm oil rice and beans but this time instead of beans, we added dadawa and vegetables. This is very filling and delicious. Those who don't like fresh fish will still enjoy this because smoked fish tastes really good without all that fish smell.

  • 3 cups rice
  • 1 fifty Naira wrap of dadawa (locust beans)

Friday, April 29, 2016

How To Make Snail Kebabs

 Snail kebabs I made for dinner.
These tasted really good, if not, I'll warn you guys. The gigantic pot of snails  got cleared as soon as I grilled the kebabs. Even my baby that can't stand pepper enjoyed these kebabs so much we thought his little stomach was going to burst,  he kept asking for more, more, more. I love the crunch and the flavour. To make crunchy snails, we know the recipe already na. Just follow the How to make crunchy snails recipe. OR The peppered snail recipe. Boil washed

Monday, February 22, 2016

What's The Difference Between Gravy, Sauce, Soup And Stew?

Hello Aunty, please do not laugh at me. I need help with differentiating some of our Nigerian meals, knowing where they qualify. Gravy, soup, stew and sauces, I don't know the difference. Who knows should please help a sister out. Also list Nigerian food that fall under these categories. Like white soup, does it come under sauce or soup? I'm confused because other world culture soups that

Monday, May 04, 2015

How To Preserve Water Leaf (Nigerian Spinach)

Washed and hopped water leaf.
I tried freezing because, of all the leafy vegetables used in Nigeria, water leaf is the most difficult to preserve. It has to be used straight from the market or the very next day else the leaves begin to drop and rot. This worked perfectly for me. The afang soup was to be cooked three days after shopping and this water leaf couldn't have lasted that long.

After shopping, the very next day, I had to wash, chop, pack in a bag and store in the freezer for two days. I expected the leaves to look wilted but they came out looking very fresh and green. Now I can buy water leaf ahead of time for weekend cooking.
A bunch of water leaf. I prefer this specie with tiny leaves. The broad leafed water leaf has a way of making the soup too watery 
Water leaf is used for cooking, softening other vegetables in Nigerian soups like fried afang, edikang ikong soup, groundnut afang soup and sometimes bitter leaf egusi soups.
 Water leaf in a bag ready for the freezer
Wrapping in paper bags before putting in cellophane is what I'll like to try next.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Food Made Easy! Any Idea?

Merry Christmas In Advance As We Look for The Best Naija Christmas food, Is it Rice Or Swallow?
Hurrah! Christmas is just around the corner again! 
Christmas is unarguably the largest celebration in Nigeria, it is not only celebrated by Christians but by everyone in the country. Perhaps the main reason for the general acceptance is its timing, just six days before the year ends, what other time would you rather chill out and celebrate? I think we all agree that one of the reasons everyone loves Christmas celebration is the fact that New Year celebration is another remarkable festival enjoyed by everyone irrespective of religious beliefs, so while Christmas means so much for Christians, it also serves as an appetizer before the main meal (New Year) to non-Christians.

There have been several questions pointing to what Christmas means to Nigerians. If your guess is as good as mine, you would agree that there is something about Christmas that resonates with everyone’s soul in this part of the world. So as a proper Naija bred, I would say that Christmas is a season for jollification, sharing (yes, we love giving & receiving gifts!) and above all, it’s a time to eat special meals together with friends and relatives. I kinda love Christmas for all the food part…  did I hear you say the special Christmas rice? Rice is prepared in

Friday, October 17, 2014

Easy Guide To Wives Connection Nigerian Recipes

 Okro soup image courtesy: soupamarket.
For those interested in Wives Connection Step By Step Pictorials of yummy food recipes but cannot see the 'post categories' because you blog with phones, Click on the links below to arrive at

the recipe you
are looking for: