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Sunday, August 07, 2016


how long to keep Frozen foods
Frozen food in a frosty freezer.

Freezing means that we can prepare food in bulk, and can make the most of foods that are in season like now vegetables like ugu leaves (fluted pumpkin) are in season are less expensive. If you have constant electricity and your freezer gets frosty, defrost every 6 to 12 months. If the freezer is opened often like in large households, the frost builds up often. Your freezer can become a black hole if it is a very large one and you just keep adding until things disappear to be discovered years later and thrown away- I don't think that can happen in Naija sha with this epileptic power supply.

The freezing chart below is just a guide, make sure you use frozen things/foods within the recommended period of time because storing soup for instance for longer than 2 months is not the best.


  • Once frozen food is thawed, never refreeze it because it may cause food poisoning and may not be the same. Look at ice cream for instance, once it's thawed and frozen again, it becomes crystallized and annoying.
  • Freeze soups in airtight plastic containers. transparent ones are the best as you don't need to open to see what soup is in there. Freezer bags and aluminium foil containers with lids (the party takeaway containers) are also good for freezing.
  • Some foods should not be frozen; hard boiled eggs will become rubbery, Fresh whole eggs will expand and break, Vegetables with high water content will spoil, yoghurt will separate, custards, akamu/ogi pap, mayonnaise, and food containing gelatin cannot be frozen.
  • Herbs and spices lose their flavour after 2 weeks in the freezer.
  • If your freezer has so much, label things with a permanent marker and if you can, add the date when it entered the freezer.


Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Naija 12 Uses Of A Food Processor

12 uses of a food processor in a Nigerian Kitchen

 making pounded yam in a food processor.
The food processor is a multi tasking kitchen tool that when you get used to, begins to feel like you can't live without.There were comments on one of  our delicious processor pounded yam posts asking if a food processor is the same as a blender, NO. A food processor has some remarkable difference from a blender and even though can perform some blender functions, it does much more than a blender. Every kitchen needs both because there are some functions that are performed better with either. in the past, I thought that a food processor could only be used for baking cakes and pastries and not cooking sauces, Nigerian stews , fish stew and soups. In a Nigerian kitchen, there are so many things a food processor can do, we need it here even more because our meals take too long to cook. With a food processor being used, you spend about one tenth of your time in the kitchen because every repetitive function is carried out in seconds by your food processor. The chopping, shredding, cutting and grinding is done all at once and all you do is add to your pot and the cooking is done. In my next post, I'll try and list out the difference between a blender and food processor in a Nigerian Kitchen.

    Onome  making her pounded yam
  1. Yam and cocoyam pounding   
  2. is taken over by the food processor. It grinds the yam so smooth you wonder why you used a mortar and pestle all these years. Making bitter leaf (onugbu) soup has become easier as you only have to boil the cocoyam and your soup is cooked. No need shopping for a large mortar and pestle. Mine has stayed idle until it's now growing fungus. Ijut transferred it outside because the food processor has taken over. So, my mortar is kinda fired, Services no longer needed. It's best to stop when it forms a ball in the bowl.
  3. Grinding meat: If your kids love homemade burgers and you are tired of spending so much money buying the burger meat, with your food processor, you only need to cut the beef in chunks, freeze and use the pulse button to chop which is far cheaper and safer.  Chop, and your burger meat is ready, no need for minced meat from the supermarket or butchery. Your minced meat can be used for other meals too, like making our shredded beef sauce, shredded chicken sauce and others like our basmati rice gravy for boiled rice.
  4. Chopping, Shredding, cutting vegetables like onions, peppers, tatashe, cabbage, carrots etc. for Salads and sauces like our Nigerian chicken sauce and others. To add apples to salads, Slice the apple just small enough to fit in the chute, then run them through the thinnest slicing blade and spread the sliced apples by the handful onto the dehydrator trays, they make your fruit salad very tasty or you just chop and eat your apple chips ( very tasty and easy to eat.
  5. Mixing dough
     in the dough bowl, the dough bowl is actually what grinds the yam and gives us fluffy, smooth pounded yam. I have baked a cake before without using a mixer or beating with a whisk. Made the batter with my food processor. The

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Delicious Tomato Stew With Baked Beans

Nigerian tomato stew with baked beans.
 This baked beans tomato stew is the fastest and easiest delicious tomato stew we can make. It doesn't need any tomato cooking expertise to get delicious because the fish and baked beans in tomato sauce automatically gives your stew a very good aroma and taste.
There was no need for step by step pics because the method is same as that of Nigerian emergency stew except that here I used baked beans in tomato sauce.
We already have a pot on how to cook very red tomato stew.

I don't want to call this emergency stew but it really comes in handy when you cannot go out to get fresh stuff. The stew is very good with bread, boiled yam, plantain, pasta and even swallow. If your tomato stew always tastes sour, then visit wives connection secret to delicious tomato stew

Your worst cooking blunder  Have

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Nigerian Pounded Yam Made With Food Processor

Smooth, soft, hot, elastic pounded  yam in the dough bowl. Waiting to be scooped out.
 With all the blog posts on making pounded yam in a food processor, I never bothered trying because there was always someone around to help with the pounding. Well, yesterday I craved hot pounded yam with hot draw soup at a time there was no adult around and I had to quickly search the blog for the pounded yam in a food processor post by Onome.

It was

Thursday, December 26, 2013

How To Combine Spices For Different Meats and Meals


Hello, Season's greetings to you and all Wives Connection  family. Wives connection has been a blessing to my family and I can't forget the day I stumbled on the blog while searching Google, looking for how to make akara balls at home.
Thank you all for the recipes you share with cooking learners like me. Hubby enjoys my meals a lot now without even knowing WC is my little secret :-)

I still have a little challenge though. Combining spices is my biggest challenge in the kitchen. When I boil meat, fish or chicken, what I use is

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

OMALICHA, I Need Your Help Before I Lose My Husband

Hello Aunty Eya,please is there any way I can contact the lady who puts up foods and their recipes in your blog? I think her name is OMALICHA, I want to learn how to prepare some delicacies esp for dinner and even what to prepare, am losing ma hubby in terms of meals. 

He likes having light meals at night and each time he gets back and is not satisfied with the meal in the house he keeps complaining and threatening to bring in someone that will be cooking for

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I Went To A Boarding House And Private University, Never Been Taught How To Cook, Help

Aunty Eya,
Good morning and trust your well.
Really want to appreciate your good works especially in the way it connects all women,single and married.
I am average cook, I went to  a boarding house and a private university.so have never really been taught how to cook.
Except occassional trial and errors.

That's why I am really in love with your  blog.
Now the challenge,anything jollof,just doesn't go right with me...pls smile
I made jollof spaghetti yesterday and

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cooking Macaroni With Fish Stew And Baked Beans

 A plate of macaroni cooked with baked beans and fish in tomato sauce
This macaroni came in when I needed to do emergency cooking. For normal cooking, you can add sauteed vegetables, minced meat or even cook with more fish than this cos if you cook one whole pack of macaroni with this quantity of fish, some will taste fish while others will go without.

Do not cook with too much

Friday, July 26, 2013

Meal Suggestions For A Person On A Strict Diet Please

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...
A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Hello Eya,
What a wonderful and productive job you've been doing. Not to break the laid down order, I'm........, phone number: , email: ................( Safe to assume these would be blurred out, right?).
Well, I need your suggestions as well as those of the larger WC family.

Met this awesome man a few weeks back, and we have been on three lovely dates, in one of them, he cooked! It wasn't bad, save for the mushroom (yuck!). Now, the deal is

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Breakfast Boiled Potatoes With Meatballs And Vegetables By Deborah Bala

A serving of boiled potatoes with meatballs and nutritious vegetables.

Peel the potatoes, add salt, Maggi, drop of oil and allow to boil.
For the meatballs, I used minced meat, added tiny chopped garlic, onions,

Friday, June 21, 2013

How To Preserve Uma Broad Moi Moi Leaves By Debbie

Refrigerated uma moi moi leaves
 Hello Ma Eya.
I stumbled on a trick and decided to share its goodness with you.
I've been craving and eating moi-moi since the day I took in,followed by Igba Oka(Corn pudding or corn moi-moi) and believe me this things taste like bottom pot when wrapped/cooked with uma leaves.

Two weeks ago while removing my leaves from the fridge to make Igba-oka, I suddenly realized it's been like two months since I bought it in bulk and

Monday, June 17, 2013

Simple Fondant Recipe By Ahdaisy Jayde

Rolling fondant on a clean surface
Hi Aunty Eya, how are you? When I did the post on Red Velvet Cake, some people asked about the decoration. I Kept forgetting to take pictures. Well, here it is but I can't

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Nigerian Kitchen Tips: Plantain And Egg Plant

How To Shop For Good Plantain And Egg Plant

Unripe plantain and eggplant
Plantains are best bought unripe. I love ripe plantains and bought them a lot before I discovered the sellers force them ripe with corrosive chemicals. 

Cobalt that is used in forcing those plantains ripe is a chemical that is considered to be slightly toxic by skin contact and moderately toxic by ingestion.

I can't remember when last I bought a ripe plantain. Although these chemicals are washed off the ripe plantains before they are sold. How clean is the washing? Only

Monday, June 10, 2013

Nigerian Cooking Tips: Salted Dodo

Salted fried plantain  (Dodo) with cooked beans.
My salting dodo before frying has come under criticism a lot of times from people who say dodo doesn't need any salt. I have heard people order for food and request that their dodo be fried without salting. For me, whether salted or not, I see no difference. Ripe plantain is ripe plantain. I love dodo and can eat it anyhow. 

The only little problem is I try to eat less and let children enjoy more cos of  weight watching wahala

These days I "cheat"

Saturday, June 08, 2013

10 Nigerian Cooking Tips By Monique

Hi Eya, I noticed from your blog description that you are supposed to be giving us Nigerian cooking tips which I haven't seen. Ok, I am going to share the little I know hoping  other people help me out:

  1. When boiling beans or corn, do not add salt.