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We Have A Nigerian Fashion Blog, Not Kidding

I remember with smiles my only fashion post here where you guys gave me so many good tips. I thought about continuing with more Nigerian outfit and correction posts here but decided against that. Don't want any fashion style to overtake our yummy recipes on this blog, so, I drove further in and parked the fashion posts at the Nigerian fashion blogs which birthed this week.
I wanted to do a few posts there before letting you lovely lots in. It's still on the first page, not much yet and I'm still not photogenic as I'd have loved. My first daughter is so photogenic, the last time she came for holidays I couldn't help but suggest she looks into pursuing a career around TV and in front of cameras, that's something like modelling, just saying o. So, I seriously wish I have a little of that photogenic skin, would have loved to wow you, make you drool at a forty year old fashion blogger. 
No, don't think that way, I can very well do it, you know " Everything is…