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What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

Who Is A Lifestyle Blogger?  Hello Aunty Eya, I started following your blog around the time that you took a break to have your baby. Recently, I started my own blog but couldn't continue because I got a job in a bank and the work load cannot combine blogging.  Right now I'm pregnant and planning to leave the job for blogging but wouldn't want to go back to what I  left because that was basically about me and life as a student.  N as a soon to be mom, I like to start a blog that will document my pregnancy journey and family life. What niche is that please?  Am I correct to call myself  a lifestyle blogger?

My sis, start blogging already, time is not waiting. You are a lifestyle blogger.  I know that a lot of people think that lifestyle blogging  is done when you write about your way of life, like daily living and all that, but that's not all. Lifestyle blogging is bigger than just writing about how you

Read This WatsApp Convo If You Still Having Problems With Mobile Blogging On Wives Connection

If there is still any of us who can't read the mobile blog, maybe it's not the device, you just need to try and get more used to the smart phone like she did and is reading now with ease. A little playing with fingers on the screen and you figure out. I borrowed someones' smart phone today to read WC and see how it looks cos on my tablet, couldn't just understand as it shows PC view. So, I saw clearly that all the fonts are red, both topic and full post and that's not the settings, it's

Poll: What Would You Like To Read More Of?

You know what guys? without you reading and interacting, there'd be no blog here. Thank you so much for daily refreshing and visiting Wives Townhall Connection. Streamlining our content and focusing more on what readers like will help us do better this year and even beyond, let's together do something that I guess might help. This poll will be added to the Sidebar and it's going to be there for two weeks. Please let's say what we want to see more of. On this list, pick what you like to read more of on wives connection blog and leave your comment below. If what you like to read is not on the list, please feel free to mention it and let's make 2016 boredom free and more interesting. You can leave a comment here on the post and still select what you like on the Sidebar poll.  Mobile readers, please don't forget that your view of the Sidebar is right below, scroll down to take part in this poll pleaeaeaeaeaeaease. Let the polls begin:
What would you like to read m…


I feel relaxed now that we reverted to the old layout. I don't care anymore. Because I bought the new template doesn't mean I'll not listen to my blog readers.  Honestly I wanted the blog to do better with the new template and even though to me it did better, my blog readers are more important here.
For one reader that struggles to read and struggles still to leave a comment, there are thousand others  who suffer without saying it.  I'm grateful that we got those comments about difficulties faced by some readers. If no one complained we'll just continue while readers get discouraged.

Now I  believe "if it ain't broken, don't fix it. I  still  have a

The Laptop's Not A Touch Screen! I Can Relate With This Funny Tweet

This tweet brought back memories. I did say to my daughters too just a few years back that the laptop's not a touch screen and today I'm blogging and performing so many other tasks

Meet African Blogger Series 3: Storytelling Blogger Adaeze Ibechukwu

1.  .Hi Adaeze, can we meet you?  Briefly tell us about yourself and your blog.
My name is Adaeze Ibechukwu, I am a writer who has a strong penchant for telling stories and I am the blogger behind My blog, Adaeze Writes is

How To Become A Successful Blogger Like Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji Made The List Of 100 Most Influential People in Africa.
Hate her or  love her, Linda Ikeji is number 1. She is the queen of bloggers. Getting there isvery obvious but difficult you know. It's possible to become a brand like Linda Ikeji but, are you ready to pay the price?
Here Is How To Build A Blog Like Linda: Start blogging as early as 5 am and do not bother about breakfast or 3 square meals. Eat your first meal by 12 noon or later Blog in your pyjamas till 3 PM or later Be honest with your blog readers Give that blog 100% commitment. Not blog today, go for owambe tomorrow. Subscribe to all Networks in Nigeria so you don't get stuck when one is misbehaving. Get your family involved, you don't need that cooking or washing break. If you are good to mum,she'll do all that while you just face the screen. Let blog readers know you even if they have never met you. Tell them who you are, be very sincere o,not cock and bull stories of being born in Lagos or Abuja w…

Issues With Adding Blogs I Read To My Blogroll

All Thanks to a few of us who sent mails requesting to know why you couldn't find my blogroll on wives connection and I explained what happened to you. Right now, fortunately, I am able to put it up again but some blogs are missing. For blogs I followed with Google friend connect, it was easy to click and add. 

Necessary Blogging Tips For New Blogger

Hello Eya, my name is. and I operate an Islamic family blog,  it's something I just created and I have been having a lot of rave reviews. I do not know much about monetizing the blog, a friend just told me that since the Ramadan fast is coming I should try to get adverts... 
I do not know the first thing about this. Even if I secure some, how will I get the adverts to display in banners on the blog? I really don't know, please come to my aid, another thing is how do I do this ' click to read more thing' that most blogs have in their Web version? I think it's better having such clause to enable more clicks on articles. I await your kind response. 
By the way, I am an ardent reader of your blog.. I remember a post on how you spent your Christmas holiday or something like that, and where you also uploaded the holiday experience of one of your readers, your blog has come a long way. We thank God. I await your response ma. 
Thank you in anticipation. 
My Blogging Tips: To m…

Our Old Blog Title With A New Blog Description

Wives ConnectionWomen matters, Men's Corner, Single Ladies, Marriage Tips, Parenting Tips, Relationship, Inspiration, Fashion, Entertainment, Nigerian Cooking Tips and Nigerian Food Recipes
Thank you all for your suggestions and advice. Everyone needs advice I guess. Always posted you guys' mails for advice and this time I decided to seek advice myself. I also needed to benefit from you guys' wisdom and intelligence. I didn't expect so many of you to bother about


FREE AIRTIME ON ANY NETWORKI didn't expect that we'd have sponsors at our First Anniversary Giveaway cos I felt it's too young and early to start looking for Giveaway Sponsors. Yesterday, after searching Google and reading so much on Giveaways, I realized one year is not too young to chase after sponsors especially those whose items we use in our recipes and all.

For Subsequent Giveaways, God willing, we shall be having their item reviews and Giveaways altogether. If they

One blogging mistake You Must Avoid

Dear blogger, or blogging hopeful, are you sure that you have not made this mistake already? The mistake of  multi tasking blogging. The mistake of not focusing on one project at a time. I got something from Daily blog tips and after reading, decided that it is worth sharing with fellow bloggers. Especially those of us that are still new and young in the blogging business.

 For those who have the intention of blogging but have not yet started, you are fortunate to have clicked on this post because there is a deadly mistake that paralyzes bloggers

Successful blogging: Tips for busy wives, mothers and great bloggers

Earlier on, in a post I published before this one, I had talked on blogging tips for beginners and those who want to start blogging but have not really made up their minds. You can read it on this blog.

For the blogger wife, mother and very busy person, there is a very big temptation to reduce blogging to the very minimum or just postpone it till further notice. Here are a few tips to guide you in your journey into excellent blogging: I am going to take it under three sub headings:

Tips for the busy wife bloggerTips for the busy mother bloggerTips and inspiration for the successful bloggerBeing a wife comes with a lot of responsibilities, you are no longer attending to the needs of one, but two or more people. Any wife who can successfully include blogging, especially News blogging into her schedule deserves an award. Yes! I am not saying this because  Iam a wife, NO. I say this with confidence because I am still trying to do this successfully and can confirm that is is not an easy task…

Blogging tips for beginners, wives and very busy bloggers

Blogging is not just what you do for leisure, just like I said in an earlier post.
Successful blogging has rules that should be followed, it has what I call due process that has to be observed. IF you are just blogging for fun, you are just doing it because other people are doing it, then this post may not be relevant to you.
However, if your purpose is to do something online, share your thoughts and experiences and benefit from it, then you are at the right place.

You spend so much money fueling your generating set to have electricity, that is if you live in Nigeria and other third world countries. You pay heavily to subscribe for internet connection too. So, doing something that will bring some profits is not a bad idea at all. Whatever your reason for blogging may be, try as much as possible to also make money online. Blogging for fun does not stop us from putting some adverts on our sites and making a little if not much money out of it.

Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well. If…