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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Yes. She is an authority. Fashion for church shouldn't be revealing abi? Nigerian Event goers just  love NHN couture. 
See more photos when you continue...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Oyibo in gele and 2 wrapper

Isn't she gorgeous?

Monday, August 03, 2015

A Little Patterned Dress With Fab Sandals

 In a little patterned dress with high heeled black  sandals. 
 I love little dresses, in black, brown, patterned and any other form or color that flatters mty skin shade. The little
dress is a very versatile staple in a any woman's wardrobe. It could be a little black dress or one made with any color like my teal blue dress. It can also be a patterned little dress like this.
The little dress, in whatever color, can be worn with a belt,  a tweed jacket, classic pearls or any accessories of choice. Better not to over accessorise. 
 Can be worn with or without a black tight if it's really little and above the knees. Mine is right below my knees and doesn't need a tight to look fabulous. 
A little dress can be worn for fun outings with friends, on a date,  for dinner, office look and can be dressed up or down as the case may be. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

How To Wear Skinny Jeans, My Look Today

How to wear skinny jeans.
I love skinny jeans, they just have a way of making one look slimmer especially the darker
shades.The name skinny jeans does not mean that they are meant for only skinny people, no. These are called skinny jeans because they are, and look skinny, tiny compared to flared and other types of jeans. With appropriate shoes, tops and other accessories, even Plus size women can comfortably wear skinny jeans. The word skinny refers to the cut of the leg which is tiny and skinny..

How to wear Skinny Jeans And Look Fabulous:

  • Choose the right size of skinny jeans, the size that won't look too tight and bumpy on the knees.
  • Pick a size that fits properly, that's just reasonably tight and allows you bend and squat comfortably.
  • If you are a plus size, I'll recommend the high rise jeans so you don't show off everything at the backside each time you bend to sit.
  • If you want to draw attention to your long legs, then go with brighter colors on heels but do not forget that darker shades make you appear skinny.
  • If it's too long, get a tailor to alter by, cutting off some inches and sewing back the end part to your jeans. Cropped skinny jeans look good on every woman.
  • With proper accessorizing, you can wear skinny jeans even to work, yes, to the office.
  • Skinny jeans should be worn on high heels to create a dressy look and on flats to look casual and smart.
  • Wear fabric that's stretchy, with a combination of spandex and denim.
  • Finally, you know your body and what colors and shapes flatter your figure, be creative when styling your skinny jeans, make it go with your body type whether petite or plus size.

Looking at myself here, some full neck with white pearls would have been magical, that's all that is needed for the wow effect.Now without them I look too simple and just about.

This is  What goes on behind the scenes each time mummy wants to take her pics for the fashion blog, thank God for holidays, his sisters are around to cajole and take him off the "set"
 he just threw his shoe and the keys away, throwing real tantrums to be picked up because someone is facing mom with a camera.
 Skinny jeans shouldn't be too loose or too tight, just enough to help you move around and bend comfortably.
 With my hair rolled up there, they look good but as I look at this pics now and type, it feels like letting these braids down would have given me a more feminine fuller look, anyway, there is always a next time.
 I am even more convinced here that wearing my braids down with chunky white pearls would have created a lovely look.
 What to wear with skinny jeans, block heels etal. Don't mind the nail polish o, I polish finger nails more often, for toe nails, it's like once in two weeks if not more, they last longer even though without the initial shine and gloss.

  • Wear skinny jeans with g string panties, tights or no panties at all ( If you chose "no panties" then please wash after wear, lol). However , thinking again, I think they can be worn with any under wear because they are very thick, enough to cover well. Like other pants,thinking that your lines might be showing at the back could reduce your self confidence. You are more confident as the wearer when you know that no shape is lined out on your bum bum.
  • Skinny jeans go well with any shoe, provided it's not bulky at the feet area. High, heels, flats, strapped sandals, and even  boots. The only no go area is shoes like trainers. With the upper leg looking skinny, there's no need to make the feet look over sized in those kinds of shoes else you look disproportionate and that's not fashionable. Lolz, see me talking like fashion police.
  • Fitted tops are a great accompaniment. For my today's look, I actually wore a short fitted top and it looked good but for some reason, I just didn't feel very comfortable and had to go change into this black top, then suddenly my confidence returned and we zoomed out immediately.
  • Wear tops that are not very baggy and shapeless. This chiffon top I'm wearing is not tight but kinda a bit hugging and, I like the way it reveals my flat tommy, and makes me look taller.
  • A fitted blazer or jacket can be worn with your skinny jeans.
  • A belt too can be worn on your top/shirt to help it cinch on the waist and show off that hour glass figure of yours that will make hubby stay home all weekend.

  • While skinny jeans are made of real denim and spandex, and are stretchy because of the spandex, Jeggings are not denims. Jeggings are heavier and thicker than leggings but not as thick as skinny jeans. Skinny jeans can be worn with short or cropped tops but jeggings will not look good in those. Jeggings are worn with long tops to cover the bum areas and prevent panty lines showing behind. Jeggings are made to look like denim but have fake pockets that look like drawings.
 Looking serious to pose, e nor easy.

Have fun, have a fabulous weekend ahead.
Stay safe and blessed.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Short Wrap Dress

Eya and her brown braids in a wrap dress

Sunday In a short wrap dress, getting ready for church . 
I love this dress, the way it smartly sits on my body is not bad at all.Wearing a wrap dress wouldn't have looked this way if I was still carrying my baby weight, but come on, after one year of having baby, is enough time for the calories to drop off and lie somewhere else. I do not want to praise
myself o, but I think I'm trying. Only mothers who have ever struggled to lose baby weight after four, five kids will tell us how difficult it is to reverse the expanded woman's body after giving birth.

I am one woman who does not like to look bigger than my hubby and with the way he gyms, if I take any chances, I'll definitely look fat while he looks slim like my son. I like it when other couples prefer that size but on me? no...  I want to just lose 3 kg more and then rest and focus on Pilates and toning my arm and thigh muscles.
Don't worry about the make up dear, if you look at earlier posts on this blog, you'll know I'm getting better. For this look, I started with my tiny sized  Avon primer, moved on to  Mary Kay foundation, then, realised that for some reason, it looked lighter than my skin. Don't know if weeding grass in my garden under the sun made me darker over the weekend. There was no time to wipe it off, I quickly coated it with Mac studio fix fluid and that gave me the smoothness I wanted. Next, I added Jordana compressed powder, liked the look, moved to Jordana eyeliner, Jordana lipstick and Jordana foundation as borders for the eyeliner. I said it on this blog before that Jordana needs to pay me for the way I patronize and make use of their products. My cosmetic box is full of Jordana products especially nail polishes and various shades of lipstick that I may not even use in years because I don't think pink lipsticks suit my skin shade. I want to fix my lashes, I know how to do this myself at home but time and my attention seeking baby chairman. For my natural lashes, I used Jordana volumizing mascara.
See my life? Loving this selfie. My mobile phone taking clearer pictures than a camera. Maybe this phone should start doing the point and shoot snapping and let that digital camera sleep and snore for a while. The camera acts funny, sometimes great pictures by my assessment o. Other times I struggle to recognise myself. Anyway

I got the dress from collectibles here in Abuja.
The neck pearls are old stuff, from my box.
My Shoes are from Ron White (Beige)
I don try small today to mention what I wear.
See you later.
 Eya Ayambem your momma in action. The wind is not helping at all. My  home made photographer daughter chopped off my legs, no wahala, she is trying her best

 Nigerian fashion blog on the move, let's go there

 Your momma posing for pishures

 Eya losing baby weight and feeling healthier. Pregnant moms can comfortably wear this dress.
Have fun, enjoy your day, be healthy and fashionable at any age.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ankara styles Updated

 This Ankara fabric alone has three pieces, two different jackets and a knee length skirt. When I decide to rock my other top with a denim, a beg don't see it as re rocking. Let that count as a different outfit. 
Hi, welcome again to my Nigeria fashion. So,  some of my ankara outfits are right here with me and I'm so happy to update. If only I learnt how to sew, things
would have been different. Just buy the fabric, get home, cut and sew in a matter of days. But come on, can one person do everything in life? No one can do all. We need each other to survive so,  dear tailors, mind yourself. I wanted this skirt exactly on my knees o, from these pic looks like it's below the knees. Slow network just acting up now. When it gets better, I'll upload more of this outfit pics: The ones with my neck bent to the south o, the ones with my keg crossed like I don't care,  the ones with me learning to smile at the camera. But sha,  must one smile at the camera? I don't see anything wrong with just looking straight and normal for shoots o. My people like to beg me to smile at the camera all the time. Na by force?I don't know how to do it and not even interested in learning sef. How can a mama like me be shining teeth every time because I want to post outfit photos to my fashion blog. See me o, am I some teenager in love at first sight or what na. I keep telling these amateur photo takers that smiling is not necessary but they won't let me be. Maybe I need to do a research to know if the real fashion bloggers shine teeth for pishures. How can anyone think that inability to smile can scare blog readers? Nor be lie. Who say visitors want to count teeth. When we read blogs, we just want to have fun while learning one or two things.
 Ankara or African prints to me depends on the tailoring. Any texture can look great if the tailor is meticulous with the finishing. 

smart  ankara
Do have a fabulous week.

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Super Skinny Denims and Brown Jacket

 Relaxed In My Super Skinny Denim, the sunglasses I love but do not wear because my girls think they don't look good, now I know they look great and even if they don't, that is if they truly don't, they still protect my eyes from hot Abuja sun rays.
 This super skinny denim pictures were taken by my daughter at home. She thinks they are the best pics yet to be posted on this blog, so I go out take more to prove to them that there are many good hands out there but looking at rhe pics right now, Ilove the ones taken by my girls more. With our kpako canon camera they still managed to deliver better pics than the "professional" camera I saw
outside. This look was created by yours truly. You know I'm my personal stylist yet, yet o.
 Your momma having fun taking pics to compare with my girls job.Still  Nigerian fashion for the mature woman

 This look is fierce by me sha, I don't know what you guys think o.

 No dulling my dear, age is just a number. For me, if it's occasion appropriate, then it's age appropriate.
What can I say about this look? Well, Italian brown sandal by Enzo Angiolini, hair made with my usual kinky braids because that's what suits my natural hair, I'm still team naturalista, yet to relax my hair. The earrings have been posted on the blog earlier, the black vest and skinny jean are from urmmm... a boutique.

Have fun enjoying the weekend and being thankful for life!
Find time to rest your body and have fun.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Dressed In My Maroon lace top on blue denim With Simple Beige Sandal

Dressed in a maroon lace top on a blue denim. This pics can fall my hand if they like, but I refuse to give up on my simple fashion blogging. You know, today, dressed like this, I'm on my way to shop for a better camera and my first stop is Next Cash n Carry. I get there and won't even let them open
the glass to showcase these cameras. I know a little bit about canon cameras since I have this one that has lasted for years so I wanted to just go with what I'm used to. Come and see the cost of digital cameras. This one here is a "let me down" so I never bothered to find out the cost. Nothing less than a hundred and something thousand naira can get one a good DSLR camera and I just quietly walk away to try other shops.
 In my not very high heels, I am very comfortable walking with a baby on my shoulder the whole time. So, after leaving Next, I check online. First, Konga dot com, there are a lot to pick from but the cost. I don't even need a heavy camera sef, something I can comfortably drop in my handbag and carry about in case photo opportunities show up. After looking at Konga, I check into Jumia dot com and then realize that it's not about the shop. Cameras are expensive and if I really want to do this fashion blogging, then I have to do what I can to get a good camera. Without good images, I'd not be doing myself any good. How can I not post clear images when I know how I get attracted to clear pictures. Sometimes I watch movies, not because they are interesting, but because I like the clarity and image quality. 

 The first thing any fashion blogger needs to invest in is a good camera before even thinking about designer bags and shoes and jewelry because the beauty of those won't reflect if the picture quality is poor. After uploading these outfit pictures, I shut down and said I won't update again until a better camera enters my hand but dat na lie. No giving up, after all half bread is better than chin chin. 

 So, I put shame to shame and post this pictures. For now, I'll just keep posting until a better camera surfaces. I cannot come and kill myself o. If my skin likes, let it look like orange and yellow, I still post, I no send abeg.
There is no spanx in there, just a black camisol. I forgot to wear one today and I'm good. Still losing and I don't even want to lose too much weight cos that too is not healthy.  Zooming in to show us details will blur these images so we gat to manage for now.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Let's Play With Colors Black, Red And Yellow

 playing dress up with the kids.
Nothing serious, just playing. We just got back home after attending an event around the
neighborhood (Child naming ceremony). While changing my dress, the baby and his sister brought me this shoe to wear for photos, they are done taking their pics and I like them.
Add your caption

 Feeling funny after doing the kids bid.
Have a fun weekend!

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

In My Little Coffee Dress With Brown Sandal For Fun Outing

Dressed in this cute little dress I feel so young, like 20.  It's a sunny day and the kids are home for holiday, what else can we do to reduce their boredom and create fun memories? we go out. I love to wear denim and top for outings to really feel comfortable but not today. I'm in a little dress mood and this coffee color dress is just right. Again, losing baby weight is what has made this dress fit today. I feel good in my skin. A few weeks back, I could fit into this dress and nothing would have made me try it today, all thanks to my loyal, trust worthy tailors. I slid into it and was like ok, if no one can zip this then I'll drop it. Before I said jack, my girl who is eager to go out has already zipped and we are good to go. The brown sandal is to me a prefect match. I forgot to take a side view of the heels.

 If I were one big name like Jennifer Lopez, maybe I would have shown off my cleavage or rather if I was in the United States, my cleavage would have been an asset. Why did I say this? My girl saw me wearing the bra top like a camisol to cover the open chest and she was like What? Mommy, why are you wearing that? Jennifer Lopez is even older than you and she doesn't cover her chest like that, lol.  But I'm not.

 Outing was fun even with the two girls arguing the whole time in the car. They do that a lot and I always remind them that their elder sisters never argued or fought because the younger is always very obedient to her big sis even clearing her plates after eating but these two? The younger is the one that would always like to send her elder sis on errands but won't shift when her attention is needed. I told her today to try and ignore this my last girl. God willing she leaves for boarding in September and let's see how she won't miss her big sis.  Wharra hell girls? if one rolls down the car window, the other would wind it back up. If one touches mommy's gadgets, that is the exact time that the other wants it. Going out was fun but returning back home was less fun with me being the car chief judge.
 Is it necessary to talk about accessories? no, I don't think so. The neck piece? we have seen it here. The sekonda brown leather wrist watch is not what I should talk about because it's so blurry that if I say it's a ROLEX watch, everyone will believe. Today, the camera did good turning some parts of my body red but I won't relent until the new arrives. The strap on this pair of sandal is actually black at the back and maybe it's a good thing I forgot to take a sideview so that when next I do, this will look like a different pair of sandal, hahaha. 

 Check your momma fashion blogger out in her cute little dress and fun high heel sandals

 Loving me in this lovely dress, the wonders of fashion blogging. Which Eya would have spent time making up and wearing nice stuff to go out. I would quickly have jumped in my denim ( I have them in all colors o) with a simple top and rushed out. I am more like a lady now, taking time to make myself look pretty because the camera is waiting.

 Me and my prince charming car key holder. No one kn ows what he sees in car keys. He won't let anyone have that key and will not drop it. He knows when we are home and even at that it takes some wisdom and diplomacy to get car keys from him. We walk side by side because mommy's shoulder is aching from carrying as he dislikes walking by himself. So many people walked pass because chairman has to use his legs.

I forgot to put all the pics as one before uploading. Just bear with the long scrolling.
Have fun!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Fashion Style Is Creativity Over Cost

I did a DIY for this dress, made it fit in less than 20 minutes. No sewing machine needed if you don't have. Although I have one because I wanted to learn how to make my outfits myself, or alter to my satisfaction but time didn't let me learn. I never got that free time to learn how to sew. This machine is just wasting here if only I knew how to sew or mend with it, altering a dress should not take more than 10 minutes.  My needle and thread did a good job. I love the dress now. You saw me wear it to church on Sunday.

Budget-friendly-fashion-blogging is my style. When I need inspiration for outfits especially while getting ready for an upcoming event, many times, what I find on fashion blogs is designer wears. There's nothing wrong with designer shoe, designer bags, wrist watches, hair, and powerful designer clothes. I enjoy reading the posts but can't bring myself to pulling those outfits, that purchasing power/muscle is yet to come o. If I have the means, why not?  If I earn millions of naira or dollars or even pound sterling,  then nothing will stop me creating a Nigerian fashion blog with all the latest designer items. I'd be the happiest mom fashion blogger if I could daily update this blog with outfits from Nigeria' a best, but the cost.

Creativity is what I think is going to sustain this blog. I'll for now take creativity over cost. I like my
readers to get inspiration and be able to bear the cost. My outfit posts may not come in daily as I work from home for now and do not dress up all the time. I think there will be many DIY posts, sharing with you guys how I turn badly tailored outfits to wow outfits. There will be posts showing how one outfit can be worn in different ways to create varied looks but I promise not to bore us with repetition. I will by God's grace bring new content to the table, regularly.

 I used the measuring tape to know the length I wanted, cut it longer by 1 inch to enable me fold before hemming. Picked the sewing thread that matches most and voom the hemming is done and worn. That extra there could have been used as a scarf if I wanted to. Quite Easily Done!
In fashion blogging, being creative is very important because it saves cost and readers can relate with you. From time to time, I might just shop because I realise now that I've become more conscious of how I look at all times. I might shop now more than in the past but one thing is sure ..."shopping on a budget" There is one habit that comes with fashion blogging, if one is not careful, they start buying on credit until you are neck deep in debt. Collecting items one cannot afford just for outfit posts might be fun but not really helpful in the long run. I want to buy what I need,  what I can love and continue to wear even after the blog post. If I were younger, maybe I wouldn't think this way. A younger fashion blogger would prefer to impress and wow while enjoying the efizzy but right now, I want to entertain and still  inspire.

With every added year comes wisdom and even responsibilities. Mom fashion bloggers are the best if one is looking for budget friendly shopping or creativity. Fashion should not be all about shopping even when one cannot afford those. Fashion blogging should teach me things I didn't know, things I can share with others, help us save some money as we manage other responsibilities too.

I am thinking about a lot of things right now, especially after waiting fruitlessly for weeks on tailors who keep giving one excuse after the other. My brain is thinking outside the box and I love it. The little teal blue dress came on board while thinking "fashion creativity" Belside the little dress is the piece of cloth I cut off, before altering the length and width with my needle and thread.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Sunday Dress: African Print, Teal Blue little Dress With Italian Gold Shoe

 Dressed in my little dress ready for church. The short dress  has a scarf but I don't feel like tying my head today. I can count the number of times I wear a scarf especially if my braids are still neat.  He, standing there is not looking like Nigerian fashion. I wonder what he's doing here giving me the car keys to take him out. One second without mom and he appears.

 Smiling in my Nigerian fashion style with a pair of Italian Gold shoe. Don't worry about the heels,  I love to drive in heels because, I have feet that are very sensitive to any particle however small. This dress was sewn longer than this and, I refused to wear it. Thankfully the tailors disappointed again and I picked it up, reduced the lemgth with my scissors and used needle and thread to hem. See how tailors are bringing out my creativity? If only my sewn goods were delivered, I would
never have thought of re sizing this dress with a pair of scissors, thread and needle. My  Home Economics teacher did a good job. Truly, no knowledge is wasted. Because I'm dropping some calories, it looked too big so, I altered some parts to fit. All the beautiful ladies who complimented me in this dress eh? if only they know how my creativity fixed a lot of things. It looked good on me. I walked  confidently to my seat.

 This little dress, like I said, turned out this way, all thanks to my little knowledge on  needle and thread  use. The tailors think they are smart but now I have learnt that I can always alter my dresses to fit. I did regret cutting this short but Hubby says he loves it that way so, who am I not to wear what will make him smile. I prayed silently though, that the zipper doesn't give way in church because that's what happens when a dress is left for too long. I kept listening to that zipper at the back and even kept a scarf in my bag just in case but, there was no incident.

 The neck piece is another gift from Dubai. I'm very sure that  if I look for it here in  Abuja, I'll find, to help me know the cost. The wrist watch is my ladies Seiko watch that has lasted with me for some long years and is still very loyal. I wish the chain is bigger, but  I still love her. She came at a time when I wanted small chains, not anymore. Now,  I prefer big watches. Dressed up and taking pictures for my fashion blog, and then, you can see how the kids won't just let me be o. First the baby is released to come meet mommy, next, he stands by me waiting to be picked up. He wasn't picked and you can see that pic where he grabbed my dress and won't take it anymore. See another pic where he is being handed over to me  Eya that is posing for camera o. I love dresses with some sleeve even if it's short sleeve. Sleeveless dresses have a way of showing big arms and making one look bloated like Christian mother hand. I know this little dress would have  looked really great in short sleeves. 
How Do I look in this dress? better than the old pics I guess? Making plans to get a better camera for this fashion blog.
Happy Sunday and have fun!