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If you love conservative dressing, you'll like it. They all look good anyway.

My Sunday Wear: Maxi Dress In A Jacket

The long dress is warm except for the hands, and, this is what I can wear now without going late for the sermon. I have tried to change my style but it isn't working so I give up. How people manage to get ready ahead of time, pick what to wear the previous day and just relax is what I don't know o. When I attend events late, it's because I'm looking for what to wear at the very last mionute. I rush to iron when I should be dressing up. If there's no electricity at the time, say NEPA is her best, I start rushing outside to turn on the generator and while doing all that, time is ticking. 
There are times I have dressed up for an event, walked out the door and turned back to go change the outfit because I'm not comfortable or don't feel what I'm wearing is appropriate. This is such a bad habit I don't know how to change. So, this Sunday morning, this lovely dress is all I can wear without ironing or thinking too much but the sleeves. My old jacket to t…

Dressed In My Maroon lace top on blue denim With Simple Beige Sandal

So, I put shame to shame and post this pictures. For now, I'll just keep posting until a better camera surfaces. I cannot come and kill myself o. If my skin likes, let it look like orange and yellow, I still post, I no send abeg.

We Dress For The Movies

The last two girls are done with their exams and want mommy to take them to the movies for studying hard. We search Online and find interesting movies for kids and adults. They can't go to watch adult movies and I don't want to go bore myself with kids movies cos that's what always happens. I can't as a person remember when last I went to the cinema and came back feeling like "that movie was great" No, it doesn't happen that way, I sit down there with them looking at the big screen while they continue to exclaim and hold their breath and giggle. This time we agree that I'll go watch my movie while they watch theirs alone.
We get to the galleria, I remember how dark it can get before the movie starts, I remember there are more than one doors in there, I thought about all the bad things we see in home video, and I just sacrifice, and then, we go watch theirs together. Did I enjoy it? maybe a little. Did they have fun?They won't stop talking about &q…

Dressed In My Afrik Western Outfit

These text messages have been coming since 2014, The Central Bank  Of Nigeria has directed that bank account details be verified before June 30, 2015. Why I haven't done this before today, I don't know. Procrastination kept me saying "there is still time" This morning, I got a reminder and had to find my way to the nearest branch as directed.

Dressing to go verify account details shouldn't be that sophiscated na. I automatically switched into my modern afrik mode and jumped into this blue denim and the lovely African print top. This top actually embarrassed me but thankfully it happened in the car. Looking at me now, you won't know the zipper is busted but, that's exactly what happened. When you do not wear an oufit for long, it gets tired of waiting in the closet and quietly waits for the day you'll wear before protesting. I got home safely, leaned my back towards the car and asked that some shots be taken. This top has a tailored skirt that I don…