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Can A Pregnant Woman Take Moringa Tea Or Seed?

CAN A PREGNANT WOMAN EAT MORINGA?Hello Aunty Eya, how are you and your family? God bless you for everything am learning on your blog. God bless those who send us food recipes and all those who give meaningful advice. I have learnt so much. This mail is coming because my comment didn't get satisfactory advice. It was left as a comment but I think many people didn't get to see it there. Please help me post it cos I'm pregnant and want to continue taking my Moringa seeds if it's OK.

The energy I get from taking Moringa is something else Aunty Eya, I no longer feel as tired as I used to, I wake up
very alert no matter how hard I work the previous day ( Any witness in the house?). Although I don't really enjoy taking this Moringa tea or seeds, what keeps me going for more is the boost in energy. 

Some people have asked me to stop taking it until I give birth, others say it's just a plant like every other plant that we eat and shouldn't be discontinued. Someone ev…