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Do You Agree With Manny Pacquiao's Aunt?

In a way I did feel like Manny deserved to win that fight. He did a great job and because I didn't want to hear it from a third party, I almost did not sleep at all that night. I was the last person to go to bed at about midnight and by 2 am when the generator came on (NEPA has been doing really really well, but that night of all nights, there was no light and it's understandable.  I've never enjoyed electricity like now. Sometimes we forget that there is a generator after not needing it in months. I get electricity everyday and night, even though there is still room for improvement, kudos to NEPA (PHCN). I remember when we used to buy generator fuel on a daily basis, lol).
So,I hear the generator come on before 2 am and suspect hubby wants to start watching that fight so I joined him to start with the Highlights and build up to the match. We watched till about 4 am Nigerian time before the fight started. Floyed Mayweather obviously was very defensive, covering his face lik…