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There are different methods of making moin moin using wheat. Some recipes use wheat flour, some use bulgur wheat and so on. Today I am making moi moi musing wheat grains I bought to make wheat fufu from scratch. The fufu has been made and the excess grains are what I'm going to blend into flour and use my homemade wheat moin moin. After soaking the wheat and blending, the process is just the same as when we make beans moi moi .
If you know how wrap moi moi, try it if not, you can cook in


RICE moi moi is a type of moi moi that I make by grinding grains of rice together with ingredients and wrapping up the mixture in leaves to steam and cook.  My rice moi moi can be served without an accompaniment but I love to serve this blended rice wraps with some protein and vegetable stir fry. 
A trial of this my new creation rice moi moi will convince you that this is moin moin. If you can and if you like the locust beans taste, try serving it with locust beans sauce and


This red beans moin moin was made the same day I fried red beans akara balls. I just wanted to see how red beans can be served in different ways to my family to enable us eat some more red beans. I love red beans porridge and I think I enjoy it more than this red beans moi moi or the red beans akara. Just like the akara balls made from red beans, some of my family members like this but I didn't enjoy the


Moin moin recipes we posted on the blog all have beans as the major ingredients and they came out perfect even though none was cooked with a mixture of raw eggs and beans, like the coconut milk moin moin. The popular Nigerian moin moin recipe is the one that adds hard boiled eggs while wrapping the moin moin.

This weekend, I made very fluffy, delicious and excellent moi moi by just adding whisked raw eggs to the ground beans and whisking even more to get air into the mixture and make it light. It worked so well. By the time I finished uploading the pics on Facebook, the very large pot of moi moi ws cleared by my family who kept picking and going for more. I enjoyed mine with soaked garri, while some served themselves with pap and moin moin, others just ate the moin moin with no accompaniment and it was really delicious. If it turned out not so good, I would have warned so you don't waste your time trying. But this one is some moin moin recipe everyone needs to try.
I used 1 mudu bla…


Okpa (Recipe below) can be eaten at anytime of day. It is made from okpa beans known as Bambara beans/nuts. There are so many benefits of eating bambara nuts, whether boiled, cooked as okpa, or roasted. These Bambara nuts boost blood production, they are rich in Iron.They supply remedy for lack of sleep, help treat insomnia and get your body relaxed for a good night sleep. Help fight arthritis, okpa reduces the danger of stomach cancer, lowers cholesterol and even fights anaemia also known as kwashiorkor. Bambara beans are rich in antioxidant properties that help you fight quick aging, they are rich in proteins, carbohydrates and varying minerals. They are also reported to be therapeutic... Try them and see.  Well, I don't cook with cellophane bags and do not encourage anyone to do so at all at all BUT for this particular okpa, I chose to go the nylon bag way. I wanted the exact look I see on those okpa sellers' heads around Area 1. I don't even know where to find


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Yes. today Friday March 9th my weight has dropped to

How to cook moi moi with whole coconuts

I shared a moi moi recipe cooked with coconut milk instead of water here, a couple months back. Today, I'm cooking this delicious moi moi with whole coconuts not just the milk o. Coconuts are in season now and less expensive, we'll make the best of the season, load our bodies with all the cocogoodness. No oil added but you can add if you like. The bottle of oil in the pic is because I initially planned to stir-fry the onion, pepper and crayfish before adding, but later CHANGED my mind. These broad moi moi leaves have been preserved for 3 months and they still very fresh. *TO QUICK-WASH BEANS; Rinse and run in the food processor for just 10 seconds, Add water and filter out the skin, rinse out all the skin in seconds and your beans is clean and ready. INGREDIENTS:
2 cups beans (Shop measuring cups and measuring spoons )
1 medium sized coconut
1 cup water for blending (To start with, you may need more)
1 large onion
1 tablespoon ground crayfish because coconut loves cray
Boiled …


I  can serve moi moi for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sometimes it's served with other meals or accompaniment, at other times I serve just moi moi alone as a meal.

Below are 10 great ways to serve moi moi:

With pap (akamu) With drinking garri With Jollof or rice and stew

See more after the cut...

Coconut Milk Moi Moi With Tuna Chunks

Coconut milk moi moi with tuna chunks appeared first on wives connection.  The combination of coconut  milk with tuna chunks in Nigerian moi moi is something we need right now. Good nutrition. We have moi moi recipes on the blog already and if you think there's no need for this, then try it and see yourself cooking moi moi daily because

Pictorials, Nigerian Moi Moi Wrapped In Broad Leaves

Dear Diary,
this cooked moi moi was supposed to wait in the archives a little longer, but, I promised Amaka

Nutritious Egg Moi Moi By Flo

I Prepared Omalicha's Egg Moi MoiIf you are like me and you do not like hard boiled eggs (I only eat the egg whites lol) and you do not like fried egg (it gives me heart burn), then you will love Egg Moi Moi – I love this name! Egg Moi Moi is a cross between boiledegg and fried egg. It is cooked but you get the chance to beat the egg to combine the egg yolk and

Tasty Moi moi With Egg And Corned Beef By Ama

Good day Aunty Eya,

So as promised, I tried yourcorned beef moi moi recipe today. I couldn't bring myself to cook anything on Saturday  but I did it today. I added eggs to mine. It was YUMMY! 

Hubby was so impatient while it was on the fire and the minute it was ready, he pounced on it. I didn't hear his voice till he had downed two bowls with cold garri oh, next thing he said :"babes, gimme one more. Shey it is plenty remaining oh cos I will eat it again this night and tomorrow". That was all the "thank you" I needed. LOL!!!

I don't

How To Make Corn Moi Moi With Corn Flour

A pot of moi moi
This corn moi moi tasted good but wasn't as soft as the one I made with fresh corn. It was hard and I think that's because corn flour is made from dry corn. When next I try, I'll soak the corn flour over night before cooking my moi moi cos I like corn moi moi. There is one on the blog posted by Mrs Sykes.
To get soft moi moi from corn flour, please

How To Make Moi Moi In Disposable Drinking Cups

Cooked moimoi On this blog, we have recipes for moimoi wrapped in leaves, cooked in bags but not this. I saw this recipe on Myne Whitman's blog and promised her that when I try it, she'll know. Fortunately, it turned out great. It was truly tasty and soft. When I saw this moimoi that

Moi Moi And Custard

Breakfast Idea 9Moimoi with boiled egg can be made wrapped with leaves, aluminium foil, plastic plates and even santana cellophane bags. Wrapping with leaves is the best and healthiest method so far. This moimoi in the picwas cooked in bags #sorry. For custard or pap (I don't like to call it pap for one reason) making, mix with a little cold water before cooking with boiled water (Expecting to hear someone say "Eya kuku teach us how to boil water"). After cooking with boiling water,

Pictorials: How To Make Moi Moi With Leaves And Bags


How To Cook Corn Moi Moi (Ekusu) By Mrs Sykes


How To Make Moi Moi With Beans Skin And Eggs, Guide To Easy Wrapping Of Leaves


Stuffed Nigerian Moi Moi With Garri

Ingredients for garri with  moi moi: well cooked moi moia bowl of garri4 cubes of sugar1/3 teaspoon of saltcold water

Procedure for making garri: Add some water to the bowl of garrifilter out the chaff in the garri if you don't want the fibreAdd the sugar and salt, stir and taste for salt and sugarserve

How To Cook Moi Moi With Tatashe, Corned beef And Santana Bags

Do not forget that cooking moi moi with leaves or ceramics is the best healthwise anytime!HOW TO COOK NIGERIAN MOI MOI WITH CORNED BEEFMoi moi is a delicacy in Nigeria. It can be cooked tied in cellophane bags, wrapped in broad leaves or even in empty cans. When cooked soft, it can be served as a
side to other meals. Moi moi is made from beans, it is a very healthy meal to my body.

 There is no electricity  to blend, so, the washed beans was sent to the mill. I finished washing and skinning the beans in just 15 minutes. As at the time I was done with washing and adding tatashe, onions and
crayfish, another 10 minutes went by. Total time used to wash and get this beans ready was 30 minutes.

The result justifies the time spent washing. 20 minutes is not much