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Nigerian meat pie can be yummly fried. The reason I won't say bye bye to baked meat pie is because I already explained to my girls that even though fried foods most times taste better, that baking is a healthier option. 4 cups of flour produced these 16 meat pies that when I started they asked why I put a pot of oil on the fire and I kindly explained that after my meat pie recipe got posted, some good people sent DMs asking if Nigerian meat pie can be fried and

Crunchy Nigerian Meat Pie Recipe

How to make and glaze Nigerian meat pie without eggs
This Crunchy Nigerian meat pie is  baked without eggs, not even for glazing. This recipe is how to make meat pies without eggs. When I shared the older meat pie recipe on Facebook, some readers asked if it's possible to make meat pie without cracks on the crust, others asked for crunchy meat pie recipe, so, here it is. These ingredients are

Recipe: How to bake Nigerian Meat pie on a stove (without an oven)

There are two Nigerian meat pie recipes on this post, both baked on a stove in different baking pans on different days. The first here

Recipe: How To Make Nigerian Chicken Pie

Nigerian chicken pie is made the exact same way Nigerian meat pie is made, the only difference here is that chicken is used instead of beef. Very few ingredients are needed and it's easy to make. These pies are so delicious by the time I entered the room and came out, only one was seen lying on the foil and the girls said they just managed to leave that one for me to have a taste of my food, Lol.

Chicken pies are a complete meal that's so filling you won't want to chew anything else after eating, especially if they are as delicious as these ones...


5 cups flour500g butter ( I used baking margarine)1 chicken breast ( I bought already cooked one with Drumsticks takeaway rice, ate my rice and used the chicken breast for this pie so I didn't get to buy any chicken and there was no need for boiling before using. Lol)1 teaspoon salt500ml water4 large irish potatoes3 knorr seasoning cubes7 large carrots1 teaspoon thyme ( you can use more)2 eggs (used the whites for …

Recipe: Nigerian Meat pie By Ope

This is how I make my Meat pies
Ingredients for Nigerian meat pie 1.5kg of plain flour (About 12 cups) 500g of butter 100g of trex butter. It makes my pastry soft. (Optional) 1 teaspoon salt little water to make the dough 5 medium sized carrots 2 teaspoons of thyme 2 teaspoons of atagungun( powdered chilli peper) sorry am bush 45 medium sized irish potatoes  11/2kg minced meat you can use 2 kg if you love them extremely meaty. any other seasoning of your taste, preferrably 2 knorr or maggi chicken cubes like me. Bisto Gravy granules or flour(acts as a thickener). You can use flour or knorr gravy powder as thickener, they all work just fine. egg white for glazing (brushing the meat pie before baking)

How To Make Simple Nigerian Meat Pie At Home. Method 1

Nigerian meat pie I made with minced meat.

There are 2 meat pie recipes on this post; Below is my