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Let the new mom live and enjoy this mommy moment with her newborn son. What do we Nigerians really want sef? Remember how the questions kept pouring in? The comments very callous and mean... When are you getting married? Will you get married to your laptop? Are you going to make all that money with no child to call your own? 

See ehn? If I  were that very successful, stinking successful with


This good news is so so sweet to my ears eh, I had to call off the weekend break to post this. It's amazing! Pregnancy sure looks

Linda Ikeji Buys Another Range Rover, This time a 2016 Range Rover Autobiography (Photos)

Popular super hardworking blogger Linda Ikeji just added a new car to her garage, a 2016 Range Rover Autobiography which cost $199,495, about 90 million naira with the current exchange rates. Congratulations Linda, you deserve everything. Her dedication and hard work is out of this world. Working 16-17 hours daily leaves no time for fun or rest. Her type of hard workers are very rare. Success is sweet after hard work because you spend that money anyhow without fear of anything.
Yesterday, her brother Peks Ikeji took to Instagram to share the good news.
 See photos after the cut...

The Next Oprah Winfrey In The Making As Linda Ikeji Diversifies To Linda Ikeji Media

If you know what I mean, then you know that The next Oprah Winfrey is coming from Africa, if not bigger. Linda Ikeji is going to be much bigger than Oprah I promise you guys.  Today the powerful blogger shared photos of her new office and and staff wanted at last. Below is what she shared on LIB...
Y'all know by now that I'm a show-off, so get over it! Lol. So anyway, I'm sure by now a lot of you have heard or read that I'm finally expanding my business. Yes, I am! Blogging will always be my first love but I'm finally ready to expand into other things and take on bigger challenges. For years now, people have been suggesting to me to do more, be more, gave me different ideas of other things to venture into, but I didn't pay attention because I wasn't ready. I like to do things at my own pace & my own time. I'm finally ready! After almost 10 years of blogging, I'm ready for bigger challenges.

So aside Linda Ikeji Blog, which you amazing readers have…

Throwback Photos: Linda Ikeji And Her Family Before And Now

Linda, her five sisters, only brother, mum and Dad. 
More pics when you continue reading. Lindastic is second from left, behind. Where is Laura here? I Can't place her. More pics after the jump...

Linda Ikeji on New Year's Day 2004.

How To Become A Successful Blogger Like Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji Made The List Of 100 Most Influential People in Africa.
Hate her or  love her, Linda Ikeji is number 1. She is the queen of bloggers. Getting there isvery obvious but difficult you know. It's possible to become a brand like Linda Ikeji but, are you ready to pay the price?
Here Is How To Build A Blog Like Linda: Start blogging as early as 5 am and do not bother about breakfast or 3 square meals. Eat your first meal by 12 noon or later Blog in your pyjamas till 3 PM or later Be honest with your blog readers Give that blog 100% commitment. Not blog today, go for owambe tomorrow. Subscribe to all Networks in Nigeria so you don't get stuck when one is misbehaving. Get your family involved, you don't need that cooking or washing break. If you are good to mum,she'll do all that while you just face the screen. Let blog readers know you even if they have never met you. Tell them who you are, be very sincere o,not cock and bull stories of being born in Lagos or Abuja w…

Linda Ikeji Takes Us Again Into Her Beautiful Mansion, Exotic Furnishing