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If you are looking to plan a Nigerian wedding on a budget, it's possible. Some things are not compulsory especially if you going on a low budget. There are things you can scrap out of the list and still have a successful wedding. These things shouldn't make you postpone a wedding, they are not a do or die, they are not the core of a wedding. If you can afford everything and more, fine but let it not be that after spending so much on all these, the Honey moon begins to experience hiccups because there are debts to be paid or because the money meant for house rent has been used and Landlord is knocking.

The 15 things listed below can be taken off and you still have a good


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Wedding Photos: Actress Clarion Chukwurah Boyd

She Announced on her Facebook Page; JUST MARRIED... ANTHONY AND CLARION BOYD.
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Reasonable Wedding Gift For My Sibling And Close Friend

Image courtesy: Ikuzo wedding.
Good morning Auntie, let me go Anonymous for now. I just refreshed the blog and saw a post on Mike Ezuruonye sisters wedding then I remembered  I can get help from fellow blog visitors and you. My own very close younger sister is wedding in July and I have no clue what to give her as a wedding present. My

How To Plan A Three Hundred Thousand Naira Budget Wedding Including Trad, Registry,Church

Hello Aunty Eya, please help me post this on the blog. I need help with planning a budget wedding. I have searched online, searched the blog for older posts and what I can find is a budget for a five hundred thousand Naira Budget Wedding. My fiance and I cannot raise that much this time. We both

How Do I Plan A Nigerian Wedding On A Budget Of Five Hundred Thousand Naira? Am Confused

Eya and WC could you please help me out I need to plan my wedding for December. With a budget of 500k. I'm confused on what needs to be done.

Please help with suggestions.

My Less Expensive But Classy Nigerian Wedding

Well, there is no wedding video here. This is not about my wedding video, LOL!  It is about what I consider Less Expensive But Classy when it comes to Nigerian Wedding. It is also about what is "acceptable wedding" in the Nigerian Society. In the past, Nigerian weddings were less stressful and cheaper. Then people wedded according to what obtained in their tribes. Then, the Aso-ebi was more of a Yoruba thing. The only weddings where people attended  in uniformed dresses were  those by The Yorubas. A bride and groom from another part of the country focused on what obtains in their tribes and just did that. 
Again the Aso-ebi was only used during the Church (white) Wedding. The Traditional Marriage Ceremony was usually conducted without friends of the bride and groom making Uniform dresses. The highlight is just the bride and groom who attend dressed in their traditional attires. The bride picked her 'colors' for just the Church Wedding alone. For the Registry and Tra…