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Saturday, June 17, 2017

‘My miraculous escape from Evans kidnap cell’ – Chief Donatus Dunu of Maydon Pharmaceuticals tells his jaw dropping story

Evans Chief Donatus Dunu

"Please read to the end and be shocked at how God works in mysterious ways!"
Chief Donatus Dunu, wealthy owner of the flourishing Maydon pharmaceutical company in Nigeria with outlets in major cities of the world, was forced to pass through the eye of a needle after being abducted near his office on the celebrated lover’s day of February 14, 2017.
He miraculously escaped on the night Evans and his gang were going to kill him after 90 gruelling days of shocking experience in their hideout.
In this exclusive interview with Vanguard, the first since his freedom, with Emma Nnadozie and Joseph Unduu, Chief Donatus gave a vivid account of the hair-raising ugly encounter.
Vanguard reports that Chief Donatus would not want his pictures published as police have not offered

Friday, July 17, 2015

Meet Nigerian Blogger Eya Ayambem At Typearls

 Eya Ayambem giving interview at Typearls. 
The interview with Christina TY of Typearls lifestyle reveals much more about the Nigerian lady behind