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Dear Fellow Nigerian, Salt CANNOT Prevent Ebola, CAN Destroy You

Last night, no, at 3am this morning, I heard hubby on phone scolding some people who had called to inform him about the salted warm water bath happening around the country. He was very angry, cut the call and continued venting to himself that "panic will kill some Nigerians even before Ebola itself" After a few minutes, my phone rang but I couldn't hear the caller and was angry asking "who calls at 3am, is it an emergency or what? My phone rang again and I quickly switched off and went to bed.

First thing this morning, my driver knocked and rushed in to inform us that he had a salted warm water bath at 3am and couldn't call us cos it was too early to disturb, that's why he is knocking early so that we add salt to our morning bath water before going out. I was shocked 'You mean you added table salt to your bath water?" he answered "yes" with a naive smile. Well, I took his message in and told oga and even askied if he can go back to the ba…