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Blog Giveaway For Readers With The Most Comments In 2016 (Season 1)

Good morning dear fam! So, I woke up this morning with this thought in my head to do a small giveaway for at least 2 readers with the most comments on wives connection this year, and, I'm thinking to myself, how do we count comments now to pick the two readers? Is there a widget that can help us do this? Ok, sha, 2016 is just about 2 months old so, that shouldn't be too difficult. 

You guys please let's help out. Do the voting and if we all respond, then this type of Giveaway should continue till eternity. You know what? whoever reads a blog and begins to type a comment is actually helping the blog and other readers who gain from those comments. You can imagine if everyone reads and leaves without a comment, the blog will feel so empty. For instance, there is no time I check this blog without getting statics of so many people reading different posts. if all the many readers take a minute or two to leave a comment, do you know