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My Casual Look Running Weekend Errands

This is a weekend look for my shopping and  few errands last weekend. The beige mango shirt is long sleeve but not hot at all. Told you I have them in various colors because summer sales were on, price slash was about 70% off, who wouldn't pack to last a whole year?Looking forward to 2015 sales so I can stock for 2016 with less.

The black three quart short was picked at  boutique here in buja and  urm... typing right now, lazy mode activated, can't even stand up to go look at the label. Black Aldo sandals and nothing much.
Enjoy viewing my very bright, clear, AWESOME pictures, mwah!      

Feeling free And Casual At Home

This look, growing up, nothing would have given me the guts to wear a "perforated dress" like they were called.  Wear lipstick, foundation, primer, eyeliner and even eye shadow? The penalty for those is small compared to the one for earrings and a three quart short.

I've really come a long way and these pretty daughters laughing every time I pose for photos, if only you girls know how mom was raised and how she turns out, you'd nominate me for a "most improved mommy" award.
I still remember clearly, the very first day earrings touched my ears, tiny white studs . It felt so good I couldn't take them off and sincerely that was the beginning of the end of my membership of the church" cult" I never would have referred to that life as a cult life kind of, but watching some churchcult programmes on TV, the difference between what these adherent and prophet followers believe and practice is not far from my sanctified brethren then. I loved that life so…