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How To Cook Egusi Soup With Waterleaf

Nigerian Egusi soup can be cooked with vegetables like (ugu) (fluted pumpkin), amaranthus (Aleho, green), tomatoes, bitter leaf, Spinach,water leaf and so on. Egusi soup tastes great wih all those green leafy vegetables but honestly, waterleaf has a way of softening the soup and making it so enjoyable. When I cook egusi with ugu leaves (Fluted pumpkin) a pinch of ground ogbono is added to soften soup a bit without making it drawy. With waterleaf in egusi soup, you don't need no softener, just enjoy.
For those who can't find waterleaf, use spinach.

4 cups egusi
2 kg beef
1 stock fish head
1/2 cup ground crayfish
2 medium sized smoked catfish
pepper to taste
1 bunch waterleaf
1 tablespoonful palm oil (You can add more)
1 medium sized onion to steam the beef
Salt to taste
Seasoning cubes
5 cups water to start with, you add more as you cook to get your desired thickness.


Steam beef and stock fish with onion, pepper, seasoning and salt till almost

How To Cook Nigerian White Soup With Melon Lumps

Nigerian white soup originated from the South South Geopolitical zone of Nigeria. It's very easy to cook, serve and enjoy with fufu especially poundedyam. Because of its spicy nature, new moms are encouraged to take lots of this soup the first few weeks after delivery. Different countries have their own versions of white soups completely different from Nigerian white soup.

If well cooked with uziza hot leaves, this soup can be mega delicious and rich in

How To Make Rice Flour Fufu Colourful, Quick And Delicious, With Some Starch, Palm Oil

How to make elastic tuwo shinkafa with palm oilWhen compared with other forms of fufu like garri, semolina, semovita, poundo, wheat etc, rice flour is the

How To Cook Edikang Ikong Vegetable Soup With Crunchy Snails


How To Cook Healthy Afang Okazi vegetable soup

Afang soup recipe step by step cooking
Nigerian afang vegetable soup, see more cooking pictures after the cut.

Also see this afang soup here 

Ingredients: 3 cups Water to start with. Water leaf will add more water to the soup 1 kg Goat meat or beef 1 big wrap of Stock fish  1 medium Onion to boil the beef Salt to taste 2 cups Palm oil 1 teaspoon pepper or more 2 Seasoning cubes 11/2 cups ground Crayfish   Smoked cat fish 3 4 cups of pounded or blended okazi (afang) vegetable   2 large bunches of Water leaf (Spinach can be used)  2 cups of Periwinkle  4 large Snails optional 3 Cow skin (Kpomo) optional Dry Shrimps (optional) Bonga fish or dried catfish optional A sprinkle of Hot leaf (Uziza) optional
HOW TO COOK AFANG SOUP EASY STEPS Cooking Steps for afang soup: First, wash and boil your meat with stock fish, salt and onion only. While those cook, wash and chop the water leaf and set