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My Nigerian Fried Rice Garnished With Cucumber Skin

So, I cooked this fried, hoping to get the green from the peas but after boiling them done, the green disappeared and my pot of rice looked like it's not balanced, like something is missing. Thankfully, I had some cucumbers in the fridge. Scraped only the green and gave colour. I was scared the rice might smell like cucumber but it didn't. Everything blended really well. The green skin wasn't stir fried with other vegetables. Just sprinkled on the plate after serving to take fine pictures.

With all the fried rice recipes on the blog already, I don't feel like uploading all the cooking pics. Was grilling the chicken when NEPA  struck, it ended up being fried in hot oil. Who neva sabi cook fried rice? No body.

Gizzard Fried Rice Updated

HOW TO COOK NIGERIAN FRIED RICE WITH GIZZARDGizzard replaced liver in 2016. I remember when I used to cook cow liver, dice and add to fried rice for that brown colour and extra protein. It's now easier to find gizzard than liver, so I tried and it delivered. Adding gizzard by my taste palate is way better. This is the only way I can enjoy gizzard because I don't like them. When

Gizzard Fried Rice For My Nigerian Lunchbox

If you follow @WIVESCONNECTION on Instagram,  you'd have seen where I explained that I  cooked this simple fried rice between 6 and 7 am to pack for Monday School lunch.  On Mondays,  I usually pack left over rice from Sunday  but this week Sunday saw us serving pounded yam with

Lazy Man Fried Rice With Grilled Chicken And Green Fruits

If you have never cooked lazy man fried ricebefore, then kudos o. I can't count how many times sef but can say how

How To Cook Less Expensive Nigerian Fried Rice


How To Cook Nigerian Fried Rice With Coated Chicken

NIGERIAN FRIED RICE RECIPEThis is simple, affordable and easy to cook Nigerian fried rice recipe, cooked with simple ingredients that are easy to find anywhere in markets or shops.
In Nigeria, Fried Rice is the meal for great events like
weddings, Festivals, Christmas celebrations, House-warming, New Car Washing, Child Naming Ceremonies, Child Christening/ Dedications, and even Funeral Commemorations. It is much loved by Most Nigerians. Back in the days, not many
women knew how to cook fried rice. All we did was cook our

How To Make My Simple Fried Rice Sauce

NIGERIAN FRIED RICE SAUCE RECIPEmaking this quantity of sauce didn't take much time because it was Christmas, the house was full and so, there were many helping hands. It was so delicious. The plan was to cook so much so that the left over is shifted to dinner. At the end of the day, we had to eat something else for dinner because the gigantic pot of rice was cleared. I mean every single grain was eaten at lunch!
INGREDIENTS FOR MY NIGERIAN FRIED RICE SAUCE:  1 small cabbage chopped4 lare carrots  1 medium sized green pepper1 cup green peas1/4 cup kidney beans (Optional)cow liver (optional)1/2 cup sweet corn ( well, I enjoy the sauce more, when sweet corn is not added)1 large onion