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Nigerian, Food, Lifestyle, Relationship and currently Fashion Blogger Eya Ayambem granted interview to famous news website She talked about her personal life and blogging; where she hails from, why she started blogging, how she is going on about it and her plans for the future:

"The Internet enables us to keep developing and never stop improving. It provides us with great information, tips and life changing creative ideas. All of these you can find on one of the best blogs of Nigeria created by Eya Ayambem.  It is and its readership mainly consists of Nigerian women.
The blog was started by Eya back in 2012. It has rapidly become very popular among Nigerian ladies and its traffic amounted READ MORE: At

Meet Nigerian Blogger Eya Ayambem At Typearls

The interview with Christina TY of Typearls lifestyle reveals much more about the Nigerian lady behind

Eya Ayambem, For You Angry Blog Reader, Wives Connection Family

Good Evening Aunty Eya, Sorry but I have to say this. Am so disappointed in you. How many times should we beg before you take  that your black and white photo off of our wives connection blog. I have begged you severally to change your profile pic but you snubbed me. 

Why I am even sending you this mail is because I want to tell you that you are so cunning. Imagine a blogger writing 70 truths about herself without including her photograph? ( That's you). I kept checking that post to see if you will update with
your photograph but no up till this moment. You can't fool me. An Essay about yourself is incomplete without your image. Since you are too big to show us your recent pic, you can