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Between ETISALAT And MTN Network, Sigh

MTN was my first browsing Network, initially it was fun, then it became slow, then, downloading and uploading images began to take like forever. I don't know if other bloggers experience that too but there is a kind of banging headache I get when Network is very slow.

When I need to download many images but can't because the first is taking too long, I know it can neither be my phone nor laptop, neither is it the borrowed Ipad, it definitely is the Network's fault.

I eventually got tired of MTN slow network and ported to ETISALAT.  Oh mehn, ETISALAT was fun. Before you say jack, multiple files download is complete. I enjoyed downloading recipes and other images, blogging became more fun. Blog reader's recipes and images started getting published as soon as they arrive:)

A lot