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Aunty Eya, I read an old post on the blog that really described my husband. There are women in my situation who are just there thinking that a bad marriage has no solution but please aunty share my story on the blog site and after reading, they'll know that we have a solution for a bad, loveless, unemotional, and abusive

Happy Day For Indian Women As Court Bans Instant Divorce Law 'Triple talaq'

India's Supreme Court on Tuesday blocked the use of a Muslim divorce law until the Government frames new Legislation, a partial victory for Muslim women who had long argued that the rule violated their right to equality.

The "triple talaq" law allowed Muslim men to divorce their wives simply by uttering the word "talaq" (I divorce you) three times and the marriage is over.
The judges said the law violated Article 14 and 21 of the Constitution of India, which is related to equality, and protection of life and personal liberty respectively. 
  "It's a very happy day for us. It's a historic day," said Zakia Soman the

'While I am still alive, my wife was demanding that I ‘will’ part of my property to her; I Cried Everyday when she left me, True Love never dies' - Emeka Ike reveals even more

How did you feel watching her walk out of her marriage ?
 It’s the most painful part of my life. I cried for 24 hours every day for three to four years. I was just asking myself what is happening to me?
Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike is still in denial that he’s no longer married to his wife, Suzanne Emma.
Earlier this year, his 14-year-old marriage to Emma was dissolved by a Lagos Island Customary Court over alleged incessant battery.

Emma  had on July 13, 2015, approached the court to dissolve the marriage, accusing her former

Your marriage wasn't based on love - Journalist writes open letter to Lilian Esoro & alleged Ex hubby Ubi Franklin

Outspoken Nigerian journalist, Chris Ayo Joseph has written an open letter to actress Lilian Esoro and Triplemg Boss, Ubi Franklin. Read below:
Honestly, I really don't want to believe Ubi Franklin's marriage to Lilian Esoro is over, seeing he still got his wedding ring on, and despite Lilian yanking off "Franklin" from her Instagram profile name and deleting all Ubi's picture. Obviously, there's a message she's trying to pass across to the public. But honestly the public don't care. WE DON'T CARE.
Lillian, can you be matured for a minute and stop letting the public into your matrimonial issues?
Apparently, so much has been said online about Ubi Franklin & Lilian Esoro's marriage hitting the rock; some blaming the wife while others pointing fingers at the husband. But


Hello, I did traditional Wedding in 2013 but the marriage ended early 2015 and according to our tradition I have to get the dowry I paid back which is 85 Naira..and my former in-laws have refunded it back to my kinsmen which is where it will go....we have parted ways  and I don't even know my ex's where I am planning to remarry, went to make enquiries at the marriage registry and they said I should bring a Certificate of Divorce which I don't have. My ex wife and I were not

My Husband Is Considering A Divorce

Hi aunty Eya,help me post this as anonymous, I'm a mother of three and expecting the fourth,this fourth pregnancy is disturbing me a lot and always makes me feel  tired and stressed up but hubby will only say sorry standing.

  Now, he is saying that he is considering a divorce since I'm not happy with the marriage. Honestly,he makes sure I don't