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Monday, February 12, 2018

Foods to avoid on a dinner date

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it can be a very stressful day to celebrate especially for those who will be doing romantic dinners. Do you like vegetable soups like afang soup, edikaikong soup, efo riro and such the like? Think again before you flash a green smile on a date *Not sexy)

  No matter what your Valentine’s Day plans are, I’m almost certain they involve food, whether you will be dining in or eating out, a romantic date requires eating the best of foods. 

 There are some kinds of food  not to order on a Valentine’s Day date in order to avoid any potential embarrassing situation. Below are some wrong food picks for a Valentine’s Day date...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Keep Calm I'm Single and still searching.

I'm Tina by name, I'm 30 years old, I'm a single mother of 'one child' who got married and

separated due to spiritual attack from my x-husband to me and my child. please I need you to connect

me to a good man that is older than me a little. here is my number: 08069068575.

I need a matured Lady for marriage (27-40).

I am a Civil servant. A working class Lady. 08036862244

Good am. Am a gal of 33yrs bt i nid a hubby, hardworking with good job. Dark or fair guy that I

Wednesday, June 08, 2016

My Fiance Relocated To Abuja; Should I Move On With My Life?

Guys I need your advice, because am tired and confused at the same time. Am 24yrs being dating these amazing guy for 5yrs now and the relationship has be OK even talking about settling down. Late last year he relocated to Abuja and since then things has changed. He got a new job and all the things he does like calling, texting etc stopped. I complained because the whole thing was annoying, We had issues ‎and for 1month to 2months we didn't talk, his best friend called for a meeting and we saw after. After the meeting I kept asking him what's in between us and if he still loves me like he used to, I got the

Saturday, May 28, 2016

My Fiance Says He Used To Masturbate, That Ok For A Christian?

Hello, good day auntie Eya,I'm a Christian and so is my fiance. We're both adults, and are both waiting till marriage before we share a bed. Now, we all have urges. we're human. I'm physically attracted to my fiance and he is the same towards me. Yet we of course won't and can't do anything about it and just try our best to ignore the urges.

Well, the thing is he just confessed to me that he used to masturbate, and this would ease

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Hello ma, I had an abortion four years ago and thought I had gotten over it. I was 24 years old, we were planning our wedding and I didn't want to be seen as a pregnant bride. Although my husband (then fiance) tried to convince me to leave it, I couldn't stand what other church members will think of me when I give birth earlier than 9 months after the wedding. "I'm in the church choir, what would they think of me" how will they start treating me afterwards?". Our courtship was seemingly very strict as my church has rules about all these things, what would they say if 6, 7 months after the wedding they receive news I gave birth to a baby that doesn't even look premature? 
I went ahead and secretly did it. 

Let me not lie, I was haunted after the wedding, I never thought another

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My Wife Says I'm Blowing Things Out of proportion, Is she right?

Hello Madam, I'm a reader of wives connection blog based outside the shores of Nigeria. Haven't set my foot in the country in over a decade but making plans to visit... This will be my first time posting, even though I have been reading for quite some time. Here is a little background before I get to the questions I have for you guys. Please bear with my long story. My wife and I have been married for 14 years, and have 4 kids. We met and married right out of high school, and were each other’s first loves. We both grew up here and met here. My wife growing up, was a straight laced girl. She always got super good grades, and was very responsible. Because of this, I have always believed and trusted everything she says. I could not even imagine her lying to me. She has the type of personality, that she is not afraid to tell you exactly what she is thinking. She can be very blunt, which is one of the things I have always admired about her. I have always trusted her for that reason.

Well, a couple years after getting married, she got a part time job, and not long after

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Seriously Searching For A Working Class Igbo Lady

Hello, Am Livinus, an Engineer. I need A tall virtuous working class Igbo lady(27yrs@Most) for a serious relationship . Add me up... 2AD03FDB

Sunday, April 17, 2016

HIV positive looking to settle down? Leave Your Contact

Hello, Iam an HIV positive lady ready to settle down with a man who is also positive or negative, please no games. I am who I am, a man that will have the same

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Nigerian Man Will Marry A Woman That Doesn't Like To Cook? Step Forward

Good day Aunty Eya, Good day WC family.  I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and we've been doing great. He's very ready to get married. I'm not the most domestic girl around town nor am I anywhere near being a traditional wife, but I know that's the kind of wife he wants. I went to a boarding school, never really spent time at home. Then proceeded to a private university. I know I can cook but there's no interest. I used to love to cook with mom as a child but not anymore. I don't like to cook or stay in the kitchen and I keep asking myself what Nigerian man will want to marry a wife that doesn't like to cook? With time may be I'll begin to feel differently but right now I'm not in a cooking mood.

 In being his girlfriend, I feel like I've given up my individuality. I think I've given all that I'm willing to give and if

I Need Online Dating Tips Plus Why Haven't I Heard From Her?

Hello wives connection house. I am a male reader who needs urgent advice.About three months ago I decided to try online dating for the first time and one of the ladies I messaged asked if I would like to send her an email? So I sent her a mail saying I would like to learn more about her and asked if she'd be interested in going out with me sometime in the near future , according to her profile, she lives  in Abuja too.
She responded back and wanted to learn more about me before going out and also seemed happy to get an email from me. We exchanged a few mails and she seemed like she was very interested in me and I was the type of guy she's really been looking for.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Single Nigerian Lady In Search Of A Yoruba Guy

Good day madam , I am an ardent reader of your blog, Almighty God will bless you for the wonderful job you are doing on your blog. please I need your help to find a serious guy, I am very sincere. 

I am a single lady of 26years, still searching and I want a God fearing and caring guy who will take me for who I am, and treat me nice, i leave in lagos, I will like to meet up with a Yoruba guy for a serious relationship,  i

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can I Meet A Wonderful Nigerian Lady Here?

Hi Ladies,
 I don't mean to be barging into your privacy, but I just got this link from lindikeji blog, so I spied. I'm a bachelor, with  a positive