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If you grew up in a village like yours truly, you will laugh and laugh at the honesty of this sweet Social Media Story told by Nigerian lady Ella Umeh. She described her Christmas preparations growing up. You will sure relate to so much and know that the kids today are Living The Life even though they do not know it. Back in the day, kids got new clothes and shoes only during Christmas. Find ways to show off new outfits to friends and desperately countdown to Christmas Day, lol.

Enjoy her story..
By this time many years ago, Veronica my mother would just be starting her Christmas shopping....all our Christmas clothes that will be over size enough to last us the next 5 years....

It is a top secret mission. Her choice. Your opinion does not matter. Our color choice is immaterial. She is oblivious to the style of the season and the fact that beautiful gowns will enter the market in november, is none of her business.

No, she doesnt need our mea…

How to decorate your Christmas tree in 10 easy steps

Christmas tree decorating season has begun and the reason mine is still waiting is because the girls are not yet back from boarding school to do the decorating. But is there a right way or a wrong way to decorate a Christmas tree, and how can you make yours look fit for a Harrods window display? Telegraph UK has spoken to experts at John Lewis for some help. Here is their 10 step "treetorial" on how to decorate a Christmas tree like a pro.   Step 1 - Pick a locationReal or artificial, you need to think carefully about where to position your tree, especially if space is at a premium in your home. Ideally it will be near a plug socket, to avoid the need for unsightly extension leads, or perhaps near a window so all your neighbours can admire your handiwork. Re-arrange furniture if necessary and try not to block any thoroughfares. You don't want

Welcome To December; How To Create A Fun Christmas

Happy New Month Dearies! I couldn't wait to sit with a computer and start typing December greetings. This is my favourite month this year, every year, maybe cos of the weather, maybe cos of the festive season or just the Resting and enjoyment and meeting of friends and families one hasn't seen in a while and having enoug people around to practice and enjoy all the Nigerian food recipes on wives connection kitchen.
My best part of the year has always been December. Sorry for me, like a child, I still look forward to Christmas celebration, baking Christmas cakes for my family with many hands doing little work cos then it's a full house especially at the village where we bake cakes without an oven, Staying awake on Christmas eve and eating all the edibles and drinkables while waiting for 12 midnight to scream "merry christmas!" and decorating the tree with the kids, yes! I still do that.

Before it's Christmas, I always always promise myself that I won't interfe…