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Sunday, October 16, 2016

My husband is begging to watch another man sleep with me, he used to be jealous before this sudden change. I need advice

Hi Aunty Eya, Am in my late twenties, married with 2 kids.
 My hubby want me to sleep around
I can't discuss this with my siblings
 He say it's turns him on. Am a Christian I can't do it.
 Pls I  need your advice
He want me to go out and look for and he want to also watch another man sleep with me

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Christian Background makes me want to save this marriage against my personal wish

Hello Auntie Eya, I need advise from the wives connection people. As a Christian who is against divorce, I'm so confused....
Married for 8 years, with 3 beautiful children. My husband has always been somewhat controlling, but in the past 3 years controlling has turned into severe emotional abuse, name calling and use of pornography but no physical abuse yet. 
My Christian background keeps me thinking, "Fight to save your marriage" Stay by his side no matter what. Support his hopes and dreams, even if they compromise the 10 commandments of God. I said even if they compromise because his business is in the liquor line and the commandments of God don't support it.

Monday, June 27, 2016

The Situation of things in my marriage to a pastor

So, yesterday I  got a call, the caller was really really down,  not a regular wives connection reader.  Says she was just searching for some answers online when she bumped into the blog, read some topics and had to call me because she needed to talk and couldn't find who to trust.  She got involved in a domestimated  accident that got people rushing to show sympathy,  she fell on the staircase,  it was really serious with blood gushing out of her knee but hubby showed no sympathy, but instead was asking why she let herself fall like that. Things have happened,  where she expects that he makes her feel loved and appreciated but he shows no feelings and it's so bad she had to visit Google to seek solutions and see if there are other women in marriages like hers.We got talking and then Network became poor, we couldn't hear ourselves anymore and had to continue on WhatsApp.
Please read and also share your thoughts with her.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


It was a very sunny Saturday morning, and our wedding anniversary. I looked at my wife as she got ready to leave the house for work. She is a doctor and had been on call today. It seemed like yesterday she walked down the aisle to me. Wow! We are twenty-three years in marriage today.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ghanaian pastor caught sleeping with a married woman on her matrimonial bed (photos)

Apostle Douglas Akwesi Amanor (pictured on the bed) was caught naked with Mrs Mina Adjei (pictured) a married woman and a member of his church on her matrimonial bed in Accra, Ghana. 
Read the story as told by Nana Effei, from Tema, Ghana after the cut...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Man With These 10 Traits Will Stick With You

For singles in relationships or confused, if your man has these traits, don't think too much about physical looks, he'll make a good life partner. He'll make you happy and flourishing. A husband with these traits too is worth celebrating and dying for.
  • He knows love is not an emotion, it's a choice and he is not shy to show

Monday, May 09, 2016

My Heart Is Not In The Marriage

Good morning Mrs Eya, I need some help from the wives connection blog ASAP. I have been feeling like this for a long time now. Been married almost 8 years with 3 daughters. We lived apart initially because I got transferred to the North, later my family joined me and we have been living together for about 6 years.

I just have not been feeling the love anymore . My feelings have changed over the years. My wife is a good wife, attractive, and good mother to the kids. I just don't have the love for her that she needs and wants. I feel I have nothing left to give. For years I have fantasized a divorce. Years I mean! I have had fake

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The shipwreck of modern marriage

Imagine that there is an active Catholic layman named “Bob,” and that his complicated life has included a divorce or two.
But there is no one person named “Bob.” Instead, there are legions of Catholics whose lives resemble this case study. “Bob” was described by Father Dwight Longenecker in an online essay responding to “Amoris Laetitia (On Love in the Family),” a 60,000-word apostolic exhortation from Pope Francis.
The fictional Bob is a 1960s survivor and has “lived that way.” His first wedding was on a

10 Things We Should Be Doing For Our Husbands On A Regular Basis

  1. Baby him when he is sick.
  2. Cook his favourite meal
  3. Take him out on a date
  4. Discover his sexual needs and try your possible best

Sunday, May 01, 2016


Hello mums in the house. I am a mum of two and hubby says no more. However I will like to have one more baby in future, with his consent of course; i'm talking about another 5-10years time, God willing.

As such I want to go on family planning. I need a method that I wont easily fall pregnant on as well as one that wont render me infertile/make it difficult for me if/when I am ready to take in. I spoke with friends, sisters and colleagues and below are the methods I have in mind, and my perceived pros and cons of each method.
1. THE PILL: Leaves one with the least side effects as the effects leave the body very fast when one is ready to

Sunday, April 24, 2016

How Do Affairs Begin?

The rate at which affairs are happening these days?  Especially with technology making it possible for people all over the world to connect. God forbid, but do you know you or your spouse are more likely to have an affair than a divorce? 

Affairs can lead to so many heartbreaks, yet a lot of people do it why? You know, affairs usually begin with an attraction to someone you know fairly well, someone you spend time with each week:  your friends, neighbours, exes and co-workers. 

 Never ever allow yourself to believe  that those feelings of love are a signal from God to abandon your relationships and rush into this new relationship. It's no signal from God. Instead, it's the way our emotions mindlessly encourage us to spend more time with those who meet our emotional needs. If we submitted to our emotions, and chased after anyone who at the moment

Friday, February 19, 2016

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome And Pastor Anita OFFICIALLY DIVORCED. What Next?

Image result for pastor chris and anita oyakhilome
 With all the smiles and Public display of affection, so she wasn't really happy and no one could tell? she endured and kept a smiling face in an "abusive marriage" How can 2 pastors' marriage be tagged abusive? That not supposed to be the best marriage on earth? Is it really true that marriage is like white wash paint? that what is covered underneath, no one can tell until that paint or POP is washed off?
Sometimes I have questions that other people can't answer and that