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Are you one of those parents that leaves their baby placenta for hospital attendants to throw away? After delivery, it's easy to be overjoyed and forget about every other thing happening around you because you just want to carry your baby. Not in this part of the world. Read this story and learn something...


Hmmm! Ignorance is a bad bad bad! There is an urgent need to post this because of the way that some Nigerian women still feel bad about Cesarean Delivery in 2018. Many Nigerian women, especially in some cultures, would rather suffer prolonged delivery, sweating and yelling in the labour room, shit and pee in pain than accept Delivery by Cesarean. Some look down on those who give birth by this method and others are too shy to admit it when they do. Thinking other women will see them as weak, they keep it to themselves. Words like 'Natural Birth' are used to describe delivery whereby a baby is pushed out through the birth canal, as if CS is unnatural birth. Shuo! Delivering your baby through Cesarean or

Can a woman with Rhesus negative blood type give birth to children?

Hello wives connection. I am a young student who found your blog on Google and needs help.  My parents both have positive blood groups;  mum is o+ while dad is A- Both me and my elder brother are negative and people keep telling me that I might give birth to just one child in my lifetime, that if I lose the first pregnancy I might remain barren because negative blood group causes miscarriages.  Is it true ma?

Ese Walter Ark reveals how PPD pushed her to abandon new born baby and flee to another city for months, with thoughts of smashing baby

In an open post which she shared on Facebook, blogger, Author, Ese Walter-Ark, revealed her battle with postpartum depression. Ese narrated how she abandoned her 9 months 3 weeks old baby with her mother in Abuja and ran down to Lagos, in November 2015, when she became depressed after childbirth. She says the depression was so heavy that a certain day, she thought of smashing her baby on the wall. Read below...

New mum goes viral after sharing what a true post baby body looks like without surgery

A new mum has gone viral after she shared a photo of her real post baby body on Facebook. The post which has since gone viral got a lot of positive response from millions around theworld.
She wrote alongside the post...

53-year-old Nigerian woman who got married at 50, welcomes baby boy

Leticia got married at 50 for the first time in 2014 and has now welcomed a bouncing baby boy at 53 in 2017. Her makeup artist couldn't hold back the good news as she shared on Instagram writing...

Here is why women started to lie down flat during childbirth and why it's not the best method

During labour and childbirth, The scene is mostly the same: woman on a bed, white gown, looking sweaty and screaming blue murder, while pushing and doling out witty put downs to her husband, who stands awkwardly to one side or outside if it's a general (Government) hospital in Nigeria.
It's not a pretty picture and certainly not one that played out during childbirth in days gone by – or more specifically over 300 years ago. 

For starters, there never even used to be a bed in childbirthing. The idea of giving birth on a bed wasn't actually introduced until


Good evening Eya, please I got your email from a blog. I was wondering if there's any way you could help or advice me on my present state. Iam Olivia, I have been trying to conceive for some years now to no avail. I have had two HSGs. After which  I went for tubal flush and it was successful. My tubes were confirmed opened that was in march last year. When i

Belly Cast For Pregnant Moms, where in Nigeria?

Hello Aunty Eya, am a pregnant mom who will love to have a memory of my pregnancy after now. Please help ask blog readers. Where is belly cast done in Nigeria? I live in Abuja.


This picture was shared on IG and someone left a comment that reads " WTF, IS THAT NOT A WASH HAND BASIN?" I had to bring it here to let us know that it's OK to bathe baby in a clean sink. It's not mandatory for pregnant moms to shop a plastic baby bath tub if one has a clean sink. Yes. we can bathe them in clean sinks and that's even the best tub for new born babies and first time moms who have problems sitting and bending to bathe with the regular plastic tub. It's easier to bathe baby in a clean sink because here  mom stands comfortably and has a better grip on baby while toiletries are neatly arranged on the counter just beside. The only wahala with our Naija

Inefficient Gynaecologist at Crystal Hospital Dopemu, What Can I Do?

Hello aunt Eya, I want to use this medium to report what happened at the above mentioned hospital located in Dopemu area close to Egbede. Eight months ago,I had a baby there through CS.I later found out that the gynaecologist didn't do well.when I arrived there,he checked me and I was 2cm dilated and afterward referred me for cervical ripening but he wasn't the one that did the ripening for me .
another doctor came along and performed the ripening even while I was not in labour and there was no issue with me nor the pregnancy ,the baby wass doing well in the womb so I don't know why cervical ripening that lead to rupturing my

When Should I Tell My Family That I'm Pregnant?

Hello Anty Eya , I'm 6 weeks pregnant, and I'm not sure when to tell my parents and my husband's parents. I've had three miscarriages in the past, two after I told my relatives I was pregnant, the last one happened before I could inform anyone. Telling I'm pregnant and later losing could be making me look

10 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Had Kids

Baby photo: Banana Stock/ Jupiter.
You'll never sleep soundly again. From the moment you leave the delivery room with your baby into the post natal ward, you start to worry about what to do next and what to do after that and after that. Doctor visits, going early for immunizations, checking tiny heartbeats, checking even while baby is sleeping soundly, worrying bath water might choke baby, soap might hurt  baby's tender eyes and so on. Sleep is gone out the window, even if the baby is a deep sleeper, I still cannot sleep. All through the years of my raising these kids, sleep deprivation has really dealt with me I won't lie. The sign is clearly written on my dark eye circles, but now, thanks to good Foundations and concealers, una for run when una see my dark eye pishures.Mummy brain, I don't know if this too is caused by

Re: 8 Months Pregnant Virgin. My baby has arrived

I delivered on monday nigth. Ma, it wasn't easy at all. Even a day before I delivered I tried doing the real thing but could not. I already crossed my mind for CS because down there which is supposed  to be thebirth canal was blocked. My doctor inserted his hand into my body and was like

How Do I Make My Vagina Tight Again?

Hello mummys in the house, I have this issue of my vagina not being as tight as it was before I gave birth to my children,  and recurring infections after the birth of my last born. I have also noticed vag dryness. My colleague at work told me about one Eve intimate magic stick that helps her to keep tight, works for infections ,odour and

10 things you must do as a first time mom

Breastfeeding isn't easy in the first few days of life: Your baby will fuss and cry a lot because he is not latching properly. If you have a kitchen stool, sit on it, a chair that has firm back and bum rest, sit on it to breastfeed. Avoid sitting on cushions and your soft bed to nurse. Sit and hold the baby like shown on the image above. If your baby has a great appetite and can suck for hours "Foodious baby" try changing positions to avoid back ache. You can start with Cradle hold, then change to cross-cradle hold, lying on your side to breastfeed or doing the laid back method. These are the best breastfeeding methods taught at antenatal and post natal clinics. When you lie by your side to breastfeed, ensure that you do not fall asleep o. Your newborn can choke on the freshly loaded boobies. If you wake up at night to feed and still feeling sleepy, try your best to sit.

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Will This Male Child Feeling Ever Leave Me So I Live A Normal Life? I Feel Suicidal Some Days; Has Affected My Faith

AnonymousApril 04, 2016 I'm sorry to re-juvenate this old post oh but I am a mum of two girls too and my hubby says no more kids. I've been feeling very sad since I had my second daughter and any one I tell that I have two girls keeps punching it into my face how much I need a boy, etc. I am ready to try again but I'm really scared that if it is a girl again, my husband may then go

Four Nigerian Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Ngwongwo:  (Not the goat meat type, I mean dog meat ngwongwo). This is a dog meat delicacy from Calabar also known as forty forty. Not all Cross Riverians eat dog meat

Re: Please Suggest Good Igbo Names For Twin Babies

Hi Aunty Eya, well done and may God Almighty bless you for all that you are doing for us on this blog. My table has more variety since I found this blog. You will reap bountifully. I am a reader of wives connection who discovered the blog just last week. My wife is in her third tremester of

Depressed About This Pregnancy Result, I Regret Ultrasound

Aunty Eya thanks for all the work u re doing.  I'm depressed Please help! I'm married with 2 beautiful girls, I love them so much and their daddy too! We agreed to have 3 kids, after my 2nd baby (4yrs), I started researching on how to conceive a boy. I took in early this year(18weeks +4) went for an ultrasound on Saturday and the Doctor. told me I'm expecting a girl and the baby is healthy.

 I was shocked from the clinic because all the symptoms I have