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Do You Keep Financial Secrets From Your Husband/Wife? Have You Voted?

It's  a YES or a NO. In case you have a reason for your choice, anonymously leave a comment here on why you keep or do not keep financial secrets. please remember to take the polls, it hopes to give us an idea of how open or secretive Nigerian spouses are, with  finances.  Scroll right down to see it ( Everything is anonymous, no one can see who took the poll, only numbers). Mobile users cannot see it unless they open the whole blog. To completely open the blog, to fully open this blog or other blogger blogs, you have to

Read This WatsApp Convo If You Still Having Problems With Mobile Blogging On Wives Connection

If there is still any of us who can't read the mobile blog, maybe it's not the device, you just need to try and get more used to the smart phone like she did and is reading now with ease. A little playing with fingers on the screen and you figure out. I borrowed someones' smart phone today to read WC and see how it looks cos on my tablet, couldn't just understand as it shows PC view. So, I saw clearly that all the fonts are red, both topic and full post and that's not the settings, it's

Poll: What Would You Like To Read More Of?

You know what guys? without you reading and interacting, there'd be no blog here. Thank you so much for daily refreshing and visiting Wives Townhall Connection. Streamlining our content and focusing more on what readers like will help us do better this year and even beyond, let's together do something that I guess might help. This poll will be added to the Sidebar and it's going to be there for two weeks. Please let's say what we want to see more of. On this list, pick what you like to read more of on wives connection blog and leave your comment below. If what you like to read is not on the list, please feel free to mention it and let's make 2016 boredom free and more interesting. You can leave a comment here on the post and still select what you like on the Sidebar poll.  Mobile readers, please don't forget that your view of the Sidebar is right below, scroll down to take part in this poll pleaeaeaeaeaeaease. Let the polls begin:
What would you like to read m…