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Meal Plan Plus Tips On Weight loss Eating By Deborah Bala

Kindly suggest more meals for weight loss. More when you continue. ..

Read This WatsApp Convo If You Still Having Problems With Mobile Blogging On Wives Connection

If there is still any of us who can't read the mobile blog, maybe it's not the device, you just need to try and get more used to the smart phone like she did and is reading now with ease. A little playing with fingers on the screen and you figure out. I borrowed someones' smart phone today to read WC and see how it looks cos on my tablet, couldn't just understand as it shows PC view. So, I saw clearly that all the fonts are red, both topic and full post and that's not the settings, it's

Quick Cook Nutritious Mushrooms Egg Meal (Egg Omelette with salad) By Lizzy Obaze

It's been a while I sent a post to WC.  After over indulging on my 10days holiday in sunny Costa Del Sol, Malaga Spain, it's time to shift the excess gained. Here we go.
PROCEDURE: Fry the Spring onions, baby spinach, mushroom, mixed coloured peppers and sausage with very little extra virgin olive oil, salt and seasoning to taste. I then added 2 whisked eggs by spreading it over the veggies in the pan. I then turned off  the heat and placed the pan in the oven on high temperature for 8-10mins. Thats it. Serve with salad, bread, wrap, noodles or rice. 

Easy Efo Riro Recipe For This Weekend

Efo Rico is one delicious Nigerian meal that originated

Yam Porridge With Vegetables By Arene

Yam porridge with vegetables. 
I made use of: 
Pumpkin leaves
Scent leaves
Groundnut oil
Palm oil
Ingredients can be modified based in your taste.


The tomatoes, pepper, onion, offal, pumpkin and scent leaves are cut into small pieces and set aside. 
The yam is cut and washed, placed in a pot and brought to boil. I usually add little salt to my yam.

In another pot, I add

Peppered Chicken/Piri Piri Chicken By Miss N

This chicken piripiri looks and tasted so good. The sauce is yummy. I can serve this sauce with white rice. Tastes good and hot, good especially for those who don't like tomato stew.
Remember Miss N? She shared your most favourableBroccoli Salad recipe, enjoy it with this

Nigerian Pancake Rolls, Sausages By Omalicha

Good evening madam eya,and the wonderful visitors of WC blog. I'm presenting my pancake rolls recipe. i made this on a cool Friday evening when me and my family decided we wanted to eat something different,we went through older posts and I copied this from a previous pancake post by IB. It tickled

Tortilla Wraps And Chicken By Judith O

Vegetable Wraps For Shawarma LoversI got up to make breakfast today and then thought, "why not just take pictures of this and send to WC?".
And that was how this post was made.
This is my first food post, I hope the ladies in the house try it out.

Tortilla wraps and chicken and vegetable filling for sharwama lovers.


Plantain Empanada By Omalicha

I made this after procastinating for about three months...I watched the video on YouTube sometime in December and see when I had the time to make it. Lol. But family loved it, as usual.

♥ripe plantain----------1 bunch
♥minced meat or beef---------- half a pack/half kilo
♥green pepper----------2 large ones
♥red habanero pepper----------3 meduim sized ines
♥fresh tomatoes----------5 pieces
♥onion----------one medium sized bulb
♥spring onion----------a small bunch
♥seasoning cubes----------enough to taste
♥vegetable oil----------half litre ♥eggs---------2 eggs

♥wash plantation, cut into smaller chunks and boil
♥if you didnt get mince meat, but just normal beef like me, cut into small pieces, marinate. I seasoned with cubes, salt, gjnger and garlic powder . Cover


There are no laid down rules as to the contents of a sandwich. The fillings in a sandwich are basically by choice and this ought to qualify our 'bread and akara' as a sandwich!

This particular club sandwich was inspired by the presence of Avocado pear! Yes, they are very much in season and are been flaunted everywhere by the sellers; in the market, street corners etc. Avocado pear is a very healthy and tempting fruit. Its calories content are very healthy and for a person dieting, you can take a whole pear for a standard meal.

In making this club sandwich, I deliberately didn't use

Unripe Plantain Fritters By Zinny

Peel and grate the plantain using the side of grater that would give it a flaky look(I used small and big pores to get an uneven texture). Remove the seed from the tomatoes. Dice the tomatoes, onions and pepper and place in a small bowl. Add the flour, salt, maggi and whisked egg and combine thoroughly. (I used my fingers to do this.) Add the mashed fish and if you've got a sweet tooth or making this for kids, you can

Butterscotch, Strawberry And Chocolate Cakes Made In A Sandwich Toaster By Toyeebah

Hello Aunty. My name is Toyeebah,I came across your blog in City people magazine. I must confess I have learnt new positive things particularly the recipes (I love food *winks*),thanks a lot. 

I read the

Simple And Quick Cake Baking In A Sandwich Toaster By Zinny

This is in response to a comment someone made about small chops. My problem is time and taking pix. Ill try to send some finger food very soon.
Apart from mixing the cake batter, making this simple cake takes approximately 12mins for each batch. When I first came across this, I was scared it may not cook well at such short time, but surprisingly

Omi Atanifa Soup For New Moms By Deborah Bala

This is a kind of soup made by the bode people of Edo state. It is also good for women that just delivered. Made this for a friend that delivered via CS so I used minimal pepper unlike the previous post partum pepper soup. Ingredients. Scent leaves. Uziza leaves. Spice( don't know the English names but the pictures are available) garlic. Pepper onions. Groundnut. Seasoning.  
Procedure. Wash the fish properly, pluck the leaves and wash properly to remove dirt. Blend or

Ofe Onugbu Soup By Zinny

Sorry I'm posting just the end product. I'm not very good at patiently taking step by step pictures while cooking.

Palm fruit (Akwu, Banga)
Meat (I used Cow tripe and)
Cocoyam (Ede Orie)
Stock fish head
Dry Fish (Mangala)
Dried Prawn (Opollo) or crayfish
Bitter leaf (Onugbu)

Cooking Method:
I washed my bitter leaf myself just to get a very fresh taste. Except you are lucky, most of the washed bitter leaf sold in the market in the city aren't always fresh or well washed. Make sure you wash at least 5times, depending on the quantity to get a bitter free leaf.(Some people like a bit of bitterness though, just a bit).
Wash your banga and Cocoyam and put in a pot with water and put on fire to boil. Once the Banga gets really tender, You bring out separately and pound in a mortar until the skin comes of totally and you can clearly see the oiled nuts.

The trick in washing banga is speed. You need to extract the oil while its still hot. Some people wash the Banga w…

Gizzard And Fish In Unripe Plantain Pottage By Ama

These pics are performing Americo wonder for us. After all the rotation before posting, they still appear upside down. Lolz. Scroll down to view the gizzard and fish in unripe plantain porridge collage. Happy new's been quite a while. I've been out of circulation for a bit but I made something random and thought to share the recipe though a lot of people have probably made this too.

- Unripe plantain (for the sweet tooths, use half ripe plantains or mix ripe and Unripe)
- Gizzards (you can use chicken, fish or whatever catches your fancy)
- Onions
- Ground crayfish
- Pepper
- Salt
- Seasoning cubes
- Palm oil

- Wash,

Roast Tilapia Fish With Stir Fry Vegetables By Lizzy Obaze

I just thought I should share this with Wc. I can't bake anything at all as I've never been interested to learn or watch when it's being done so no cake from me this month of cake challenge. Please manage this fish and veg.
Fish: Tilapia fish washed and set aside.

Sauce: Onion, pepper, garlic and

Different Cake Baking Recipes, Cakes For February

Well done and thanks to all of us who remembered to share our salad recipes in January. For February, Deborah suggested cake posts. We are not limited to cake posts alone. You can share any recipe you have with us.

Most of us will be baking for valentine, may something or someone remind us to take pics while baking and decorating our cakes so we share on the blog.
Thanks to us all, me inclusive cos I also shared a salad recipe in January.
Carry go.

Below are

Asaro (Yam Porridge) By Chidinma

Hello, Aunt Eya, this is the recipe.

Thank you, for having me over again. I'd like to introduce you to:

Asaro, My Way

With all the ways yam can be cooked (fried, baked, mashed, pounded), I find that, more often than not, I turn to yam porridge.

Yam porridge (Asaro), when cooked right, is a delight to behold, and to taste. It always has a spicy creaminess (I'm sure that's not a word), and the yams just melt in your mouth. The stock from

The Month Of Love Is Here

Happy New Month to all the Ladies and wives that are Connected here and to all the men here and in our lives.
Those asking for Valentine cake recipes, please search the