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Blog Giveaway For Readers With The Most Comments In 2016 (Season 1)

Good morning dear fam! So, I woke up this morning with this thought in my head to do a small giveaway for at least 2 readers with the most comments on wives connection this year, and, I'm thinking to myself, how do we count comments now to pick the two readers? Is there a widget that can help us do this? Ok, sha, 2016 is just about 2 months old so, that shouldn't be too difficult. 

You guys please let's help out. Do the voting and if we all respond, then this type of Giveaway should continue till eternity. You know what? whoever reads a blog and begins to type a comment is actually helping the blog and other readers who gain from those comments. You can imagine if everyone reads and leaves without a comment, the blog will feel so empty. For instance, there is no time I check this blog without getting statics of so many people reading different posts. if all the many readers take a minute or two to leave a comment, do you know  

First Wives Connection Recipes Giveaway

Yes! We have been waiting for the month when my kitchen diary recipes (food blog) were merged with wives connection and November it is. I have been worried about how to include our recipe contributors who live outside Nigeria. When we did the blog anniversary giveaway, it was restricted to readers in Nigeria reason being that I wasn't sure how to get the award to winners outside this country.

Right from November 1, I have been thinking and resisting the urge to make it another "Nigeria only giveaway" because we have received recipes from readers in other continents too. Now with the success

Independence Giveaway Sponsored By Zophra

This Independence Day is going to be fabulously celebrated with our necks and hands beautifully dressed by the World Class Zophra. 
About Zophra:
A ladies fashion accessory company based in


FREE AIRTIME ON ANY NETWORKI didn't expect that we'd have sponsors at our First Anniversary Giveaway cos I felt it's too young and early to start looking for Giveaway Sponsors. Yesterday, after searching Google and reading so much on Giveaways, I realized one year is not too young to chase after sponsors especially those whose items we use in our recipes and all.

For Subsequent Giveaways, God willing, we shall be having their item reviews and Giveaways altogether. If they