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Thursday's food and weight:
Yesterday, I was so busy couldn't find time to eat a decent meal until dinner time. . It was a


I can't believe it's one month already! Just like yesterday that I sat down and decided on losing this


Saturday Brunch was one slice of bread with boiled eggs and beverage. Naked coleslaw for some


Yes my goal for the weekend! The week hasn't even ended and yesssss I'm 80kg. I can't believe my eyes. I said by weekend I'll ,love to see my self drop to 80, it's Thursday today and 80kg is here. Yes 80 kg you are very much welcome as I look forward to getting back my very flat tummy, my slim arms or something close to, disappearing okpa moi moi folds at the sides. So, the reason this post is titled Day 25 cont'd is because yesterday's post was for Day 24 but I mistakenly shared it as a day 25 post. Scroll down to see my 5 minutes workout video trying to burn the fat that cause folds on the sides...

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DINNER: Yesterday Wednesday, I did break fast with dinner and that was it for the day. 1/2 a finger of boiled fairly ripe plantain with green vegetable stew and kpanla fish protein. My stomach is gradually adjusting self oh. I was able to eat only i/3 of the green vegetable and felt full unlike before that I'll clear the pla…

Recipe: How to bake plantain cake that everyone will want to eat

Plantain cakes can be baked with either ripe or unripe plantain or with a mixture of both blended together. This delicious cake was baked with ripe plantain. The process of baking this is a bit similar to baking with flour except that here you blend the plantain first of all, and ,there is no beating of eggs with margarine. Everything is added, whisked to mix very well and then poured into the baking pan. The ingredients are same cake baking ingredients, just that here there is no sugar added because ripe plantains are sweet. Baking plantain cakes is another great way of making use of ripe plantains before they go bad. Sometimes plantains get ripe all at once and aside making dodo, roasting and boiling, people can't think of other ways of serving them. With this method of cooking/baking ripe plantains, THAT is solved. This plantain cake is a balanced meal with all essential food nutrients.
5 ripe plantains5 eggs1/2 teaspoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon sa…

How to roast plantain on a stove top/Roasted planted with pepper sauce Lunch

Delicious recession lunch of fairly ripe roasted plantain served with spicey pepper sauce. Join me please... I used to buy already made roasted plantain until I discovered my griddle pan can grill/roast anything including plantain. These are roasted on the griddle as shown on the picture below...

Recipes: Fairly ripe and unripe plantain porridge, dinner is served

Nigerian plantain porridge is a delicacy many Nigerians are yet to taste. This fairly ripe and unripe plantain porridge was cooked with the plantain porridge recipes already on the blog. See them, about 10 recipes all here. For plantain porridge, the plantains can be chopped smaller, shorter or longer according to how you like them.

Nigerian plantain porridge with ugu vegetable (Fluted pumpkin)

Nigerian plantain porridge cooked the way we did before on the blog, ugu vegetables are then stirfried with onion and crayfish, added and delicious pot of plantain porridge is ready.


5 fingers unripe plantain1 bunch ugu vegetables (fluted pumpkin)meat (I used half a cow tail, you can cook with any meat of choice)3 tablespoons ground crayfish 1 medium sized onion2 cups palm oilpepper as preferred (I used 1 teaspoon of my pepper sauce)Salt to taste2 knorrSeasoning cubes for porridge, 2 for vegetablesWater may not be needed because there is stock from the boiled meat.
COOKING DIRECTION: First I pressure cooked the meat with salt, onion and seasoning cubes. Then added the plantain, pepper, salt just the way Nigerians cook normal plantain porridge. I checked for taste, stirring often until porridge is cooked and thickens. There is no oil added at this time.
In the fry pan I stir fry (with palm oil) my ugu vegetables with onion, crayfish and knorr beef seasoning cubes, checked fo…

Plantain with beans porridge

Plantain with beans porridge is a delicacy in my village. I love this combo especially with soft kpomo in the beans. Click on the link below to see ALL beans recipes on the blog:


Right hand up if you can name all your chicken cuts. There are many different cuts of chicken available and the one you use depends on how you intend to cook it. Chicken can be used to cook any meal, depending on the type. Our local, hard chickens can be used for even plantain or yam porridge, they take longer to cook and do not crumble whereas the soft chicken (Agric fowl), I can only fry, grill or bake and serve with already cooked food. If you want to cook the chicken together in the meal, I would prefer you leave the bones intact whether it's Agric fowl or local.Without it's skin, chicken is well known as very healthy "white meat" alternative to beef and lamb. If hubby has stopped eating red meat, you can serve him chicken, snails, seafood, snake. But you know local chicken has more flavour than agric ( intensely reared and buttered with all the antibiotics). Can't remember when last I ate hard chicken/local anyway. Soft chicken cooks faster even though I hea…

Nigerian plantain pottage

Plantain pottage cooked this way is the yummiest, helps one lose weight, Controls sugar levels and very rich in vitamins. I wanted variety for my plantain but never imagined the equation will be so balanced and well blended. Whoever thought that plantain will turn out this good with sauteed vegetables. Because of the veggies, didn't add locust beans. Cooked the porridge or is it pottage?  Cooked plantain until done before stirring in my sauteed vegetables and serving. This can be cooked with unripe or fairly ripe plantains.  More pics when you continue...

How To Cook Frozen Unripe Plantain

We eat lots of unripe plantain in my family, though I love the fairly ripe ones, can't eat much cos of the sugar content. To eat plantain in a more nutritious healthy way, we make plantain porridge or boil and eat with beans porridge or egg sauce. Those mature unripe plantains do not last for even a week before they turn ripe and this happens so fast that you either end up cooking plantain daily or look for who to give them to.

Once I tried preserving by freezing and it worked. Since then, no more wastage and I think this is good for diabetic and those who eat lots of plantain. Freezing changes the plantain skin colour but doesn't affect inside and the taste remains the same.

How To Preserve

Nigerian Plantain Porridge Recipe


Plantain Empanada By Omalicha

I made this after procastinating for about three months...I watched the video on YouTube sometime in December and see when I had the time to make it. Lol. But family loved it, as usual.

♥ripe plantain----------1 bunch
♥minced meat or beef---------- half a pack/half kilo
♥green pepper----------2 large ones
♥red habanero pepper----------3 meduim sized ines
♥fresh tomatoes----------5 pieces
♥onion----------one medium sized bulb
♥spring onion----------a small bunch
♥seasoning cubes----------enough to taste
♥vegetable oil----------half litre ♥eggs---------2 eggs

♥wash plantation, cut into smaller chunks and boil
♥if you didnt get mince meat, but just normal beef like me, cut into small pieces, marinate. I seasoned with cubes, salt, gjnger and garlic powder . Cover

Unripe Plantain Fritters By Zinny

Peel and grate the plantain using the side of grater that would give it a flaky look(I used small and big pores to get an uneven texture). Remove the seed from the tomatoes. Dice the tomatoes, onions and pepper and place in a small bowl. Add the flour, salt, maggi and whisked egg and combine thoroughly. (I used my fingers to do this.) Add the mashed fish and if you've got a sweet tooth or making this for kids, you can

Gizzard And Fish In Unripe Plantain Pottage By Ama

These pics are performing Americo wonder for us. After all the rotation before posting, they still appear upside down. Lolz. Scroll down to view the gizzard and fish in unripe plantain porridge collage. Happy new's been quite a while. I've been out of circulation for a bit but I made something random and thought to share the recipe though a lot of people have probably made this too.

- Unripe plantain (for the sweet tooths, use half ripe plantains or mix ripe and Unripe)
- Gizzards (you can use chicken, fish or whatever catches your fancy)
- Onions
- Ground crayfish
- Pepper
- Salt
- Seasoning cubes
- Palm oil

- Wash,

Nigerian Unripe Plantain Porridge With Meat And Fish

Unripe plantain porridge is the best for those trying to reduce sugar consumption and it's very healthy for everyone. Some people can't eat unripe plantain cos it's not sugary but Healthwise it is what our bodies need. If prepared with the right ingredients, it is very tasty and if we can eat yam and irish potatoes then eating unripe plantain shouldn't be a problem. 

It can be mashed and served to
babies being introduced to solid foods.

5 cups peeled and chopped unripe plantain pieces
1kg dried bush meat
2 medium sized dried cat fish
5 cups of water to start with, you can add more while cooking and stirring
Salt to taste
2 knorr cubes
1/2 cup palm oil
1 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup locust beans (Dadawa)

I added vegetables to the plantain porridge recipes published before but didn't add to this. This meal, when cooked with goat meat gives a very yummy aroma. Adding scent leaves makes it best for women who have just given birth as they eat and drink the porridge sauce. …

Mosa And Dodo Gizzard By Mrs Morgan

Good afternoon,have learnt so much from Wc so I deem it fit to share this Mosa and dodogizzard recipe with the house,it's one of the small chops we long for@occasions.

Recipe for Mosa
Very ripe plaintain
Ground pepper
Maggi cube
Shredded fish[optional]
You blend d plaintain to smooth,add your flour and other ingredients mix till smooth leave for 10min to stand after which u deep fry.
Dodo gizzard Recipe
Ripe plaintain
Green pepper

Couscous Served With Fried Shrimps And Plantain By Deborah Bala

Couscous can be cooked plain, and served with a sauce. However I prefer mine in a jellof form. Fry the ingredients ( I ground pepper tomato and onions in the blender ) after frying add little water ( pls set aside hot water in a kettle because you are not to put

Roasted Plantain, Fish And Peppered Sauce By Pat

Dear Aunty Eya, I have been carefully following your blog silently and I want to use this opportunity to thank you.  I am one person that always complained that we don’t have many recipes to make good meals but this thinking has changed since I encountered your blog.  Also, my family now enjoys sumptuous meals with assorted dishes.
 It is in this light that I decided to share this special South South menu.  I hope you will publish it for the delight of other WC members. 
Thanks. ROASTED PLANTAIN, FISH AND PEPPERED SAUCE To Prepare Plantain: I use the half ripe plantain.  Wash and peel the plantain, rub some salt all over the plantain (sparingly) and place on the oven.  Keep checking and turning the plantain until it turned brown.  Browning of the plantain is an indication that its cooked and ready.  Set aside.
To Prepare Fish: ·         Ingredients: