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Jewelry Arrived After Aliexpress Refunded My Money, How Do I Pay Now?

After Dee's first blog lecture on how to shop on Alibaba, Aliexpress, I decided to give it a try and when things didn't work out as expected, I published a post narrating my experience on Aliexpress shopping

Month's have passed and I forgot about it all. Sincerely speaking, it discouraged me from shopping Online. All the baby items in my cart, never went back to look at any. Last week, we got a call to come to the post office for a parcel and no one bothered because we weren't expecting anything, hubby even said it must be scam. Yesterday, behold a parcel from China post and honestly, hubby asked the man that brought it to step back and open it himself.

What? Standing face to face with the beautiful sets of jewelry that I thought never arrived cos honestly even though both sellers have great positive feedback from buyers, I couldn't hold any successful conversation or chat with any, it always took like forever to get them and whenever I did, the chat automatically…

Import Goods From Alibaba Without Stress: LECTURE 4

How to Buy Goods from By Timi Johnson (Dee)
Hello everyone, Today’s Lecture will be on buying from Enjoy the lectures. is an online marketplace designed specifically as a trading platform for small businesses, allowing businesses to sell products and services to others both internationally and locally. This article will guide you through the process of buying products on is bigger market compared to, is where manufacturers of various product displayed on are found. For example Aunty Funmi hair that is being sold for $200 (N34,000) on can be bought at a cheaper rate of $150 (N25,500) using N170 to 1$ so you get to save N8,500 buying from
STEPS To Successful Shopping: (No matter what product you are looking for just follow these simple steps)
1. Visit the sign in page and log in using the email and password associated with your account. (Like i…

How To Start Importing Goods To Nigeria Without Stress (Lecture 1) By Dortiye

Good evening Aunty Eya, sorry I have been away from the family but I usually visit once in a while. Hope your baby is doing better now? ...
 . Aunty Eya, I would like to assist the house (wives, single ladies, men, boys etc) with tips and guidelines to shopping from aliexpress and ghgate, personally I import virgin human hair and sell making good profit.