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Is Alcohol Completely Condemned By Scripture?

Wine Versus excessive drinking, Which Is Wrong?Good day Eya, I'm a Christian wife and mom who is getting quite addicted to wives Connection Blog. My husband is not an alcoholic but he drinks a little. I do not drink at all and because of this the kids think am more Christian than their father. I tried to explain to them last night when they said it, I told them that

Updated: Dear Pregnant Mom, Your Mail Vanished

I wanted to post with a phone very early this morning. Copied and do not know what my finger touched next thing, the mail disappeared. I must have unconsciously touched a button or something. I spent the whole morning looking for this mail cos from the tone I guess you are a first time mom (inexperienced), who wants to do what is right for you and  baby but mom won't let you and now you seem confused.

From the little I can remember, your mother wants you to dump the car and use public transport cos according to her driving is not good for the baby. She has stopped you from bending to sweep and suggests that your husband helps out but you feel he has been doing great since you got pregnant and now it seems he is over stretched and you don't know how to help out.From your mum's rules, all you need to do now is just rest so as not to stress the baby.

You are worried cos you can't stay in a dirty environment and now you are not expected to bend down and sweep. I know ther…

Pregnant At 40 After Eight Years Of Child Birth, I Need Advice

Pregnancy comparison. 26 weeks and 40 weeksHello Aunty Eya, please we need advice from WC blog, hide my identity. My sister just got pregnant at 40 years, her last child is 8. She didn't plan to get pregnant again, it was a mistake. 

Please the pregnancy is still early and we are

Should I Give My Husband The Wine Or Report Him? Please Advise

Dear Eya, I am a regular visitor of your blog and will like to remain anonymous.  I have been married for 13 years and have never known my husband to be alcoholic. Some months ago, I discovered that my husband took alcoholic wine as  I am very sensitive to the odour.  When I challenged him, he said his colleague in the office was celebrating his promotion, so he had to take a little but he vomited which really got me irritated and angry. He apologized that it will never happen again.  The other time he went for a burial, when he came back his body was smelling of alcohol and he brought 2 bottles of alcoholic wine with 35% spirit vol.  when I complained to him he said, I do not have the moral justification to correct him since he cannot stop me from putting on trousers , which I have stopped. I later hid the wine. About three weeks ago, when he came back from the office smelling alcohol,  I confronted him, he said he took the wine when he went to meet the manager that will approve his…