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Every major Nigerian soup can be tweaked and cooked with some minor ingredients added or removed according what you want to eat. The major ingredients must remain intact for it to still be called that soup name. For instance, Nigerian white soup can be cooked  in different ways depending on that you want and what taste of


Very soft Afang soup can be cooked without water leaf and without spinach. 
This tasty, soft, mouthwatering afang soup just cooked with no water leaf and no softener yet the soup is as soft as afang soup can be. The people on the dining table are eating, and chatting away, pouring praises on the one that cooked this sumptuous soup and no one can tell that there is no vegetable softener (waterleaf) in there. I waited, no one could tell, had to say it myself that 'there is no softener in this pot of afang soup you all are licking' and they won't even believe me. My cousin making matters worse for all by telling them that no one can cook afang this soft and yummy without waterleaf, ok na. Yes, we know waterleaf is great and I always thought that


This is the best afang soup money can buy abeg! My husband returned earlier than the kids, he was the first to

Recipe - Groundnut dry afang soup served with low carb guinea corn fufu

Groundnut (Peanut) soup can be cooked with or without vegetables. Here the delicious soup is cooked with very dry afang vegetable I have preserved for some time. This is the best groundnut soup yet. The little water leaf added softness and nutrition to the pot. Groundnut soup is one of the easiest Nigerian soupsto cook. Nigerian groundnut soup can be cooked with any green leafy vegetable of choice. There are no strict methods, can be cooked with raw or roast groundnut depending on the taste you enjoy more. Doesn't require many ingredients to taste great. In this recession, this soup and okra soup are the first two soups I will recommend to anyone looking for less expensive delicious soups to cook.  Someone said cooking Nigerian meals can be very intense, but I promise you, cooking this soup is not difficult in anyway. Even if one doesn't have any experience with Nigerian soups, this is a straight forward kind of soup that requires neither skill nor experience. Just get ground…

How to cook Eight hundred naira afang soup that serves 8

Don't worry, with the recent high cost of living in Nigeria, we can still cook our favourite delicacies for less. I cooked this pot of afang soup with less than a thousand naira. The time for low cost cooking is now if you don't want to start borrowing, unless you have surplus and to spare sha.
If you can cook afang soup with one thousand naira, isn't God good? There is no meat in this soup, yet it tasted good and served it's purpose.
INGREDIENTS: 3 hundred Naira afang leaves (shredded)1 hundred Naira waterleaf3 hundred Naira smoked fish (kpanla)1 hundred Naira crayfishI had the following ingredients at home so, didn't buy

35 Nigerian Christmas Recipes To Try This Christmas And New Year Updated


You can find your favourite Christmas and new year recipes on these food collages.  What's your favourite Nigerian Christmas Recipes?  If it's not here, let me know and I'll give you a link to find it. From these images,  I'll link only the ones that I  think Nigerians love to serve and enjoy at Christmas and New  Year. Try any recipe here and watch your guests luck fingers and plates.

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Blended Afang Soup

The  afang soup s already on the blog were all cooked with just a little bit of pounding and no boiling of water leaf. We have egusi afang soup, some yummy groundnut afang soup, and a few others. This time I tried to do things differently. I always thought that those who blended afang leaves before cooking did not know how to enjoy this delicacy but I was wrong because the taste is the same and for those who like their afang soup very very soft, this is a softer version than the pounding. The soup was so soft I caught a few gentlemen licking their plates with five fingers and taking more soup without swallow just to drink with a  dessert spoon. To me, afang soup is afang soup never disappointing any method you cook it just remember to add crayfish. For hubby, THIS was extremely delicious as he made sure I preserved some until friends came over for lunch and he specifically asked for "that soft afang soup" lolz.

We always

Afang Or Okazi Vegetable Soup With Ease.

HOW TO COOK AFANG SOUPINGREDIENTS: 4 cups pounded afang leaves, after cutting o Vegetable (Ugu can be used instead for those who do not like afang leaves. Cooking method is same)1 stockfish wrap2 bunches Waterleaf OR Spinach3 large Kpomo (cow skin)1 kg Beef2 medium sized Smoked catfish4  large Snails (optional )2 cups shrimps (optional)2 cups mushrooms2 cups Periwinkles mfi). Without the shell1 cup ground Crayfish2 Seasoning Cubes plus 1 cube to boil meatSalt to taste1 small red Onion to boil meat1 teaspoon ground fresh Pepper1 cup Palm OilWater enough to cover the meat, you can adjust later with more water if soup gets too thick.STEPS: Put the washed beef and stockfish in a cooking pot without adding water.Add chopped onion, salt, some pepper and the one seasoning cube. Cover and allow the juice from the washed beef to cook until the pot dries up a bit.Now, Add some water to cover the meat so it makes stock for your soup, check for salt and let it boil before adding the washed snails, …

How To Cook Afang Soup With Groundnut, Smoked Bush Meat, Smoked Catfish And Beef

Boil beef and dry meat with salt, 1 seasoning cube, pepper  and the onion until meat is almost tenderAdd water to cover the meat, check for salt, then add the palm oil now before you cover and let it boil for about 3 to 5 minutes.If you don't mind fish crumbling, add the washed smoked fish now, add the remaining seasoning cube, add the smoothly ground groundnut. Stir pot, cover and leave to boil for about 4 minutes or until oil, groundnut and other ingredients mix well. If soup base is thicker than you want, leave it for now until after adding vegetables. Some vegetables release juices that can make your soup watery if you are not careful with water addition. This method is same when you cook groundnut with ugu leaves, same method but you get another great taste when afang leaves are replaced with ugu vegetable. By now your soup base should taste great with aroma filling the whole neighborhood. Finally, satisfied with the taste and thickness, add your vegetables, stir very well, c…

How To Cook Healthy Afang Okazi vegetable soup

Afang soup recipe step by step cooking
Nigerian afang vegetable soup, see more cooking pictures after the cut.

Also see this afang soup here 

Ingredients: 3 cups Water to start with. Water leaf will add more water to the soup 1 kg Goat meat or beef 1 big wrap of Stock fish  1 medium Onion to boil the beef Salt to taste 2 cups Palm oil 1 teaspoon pepper or more 2 Seasoning cubes 11/2 cups ground Crayfish   Smoked cat fish 3 4 cups of pounded or blended okazi (afang) vegetable   2 large bunches of Water leaf (Spinach can be used)  2 cups of Periwinkle  4 large Snails optional 3 Cow skin (Kpomo) optional Dry Shrimps (optional) Bonga fish or dried catfish optional A sprinkle of Hot leaf (Uziza) optional
HOW TO COOK AFANG SOUP EASY STEPS Cooking Steps for afang soup: First, wash and boil your meat with stock fish, salt and onion only. While those cook, wash and chop the water leaf and set

Nigerian Okazi/Egusi, Afang soup

Okazi egusi soup is so easy to make. It can be served at lunch or dinner. The afang leaves are not pounded here. Just shred and shred again to make them shorter. The taste of this Afang soup gets better with time, so, it is good to cook large quantities and keep in the refrigerator..
Ingredients: 2 cups Afang vegetables (Shredded)3 cups ground egusi1kg goat meat1 medium sized pack of dried stock fish1/2 cup ground crayfish`teaspoon ground fresh pepper or to desired taste1/2 cup palm oil1 small sized red onion bulb to boil the meat.2 seasoning