Hello Aunty Eya. I just finished reading your post on how to remove cobwebs all over again. Had to return to read that again because of the way it saved my whole house in the village from cobwebs. Not only that, where we live here in the city too, with all
the cobweb removal every Saturday, nothing seems to work. Before the next weekend new cobwebs are everywhere in the house. After reading that post, we realized what we were doing wrong and adjust. Spraying on the spiders before removing their webs has really brought us a solution. Thanks Aunty.

To day it's me that needs you to post for me. Help for ants in the kitchen. My husband keeps blaming sugar and oil for the ants but is there any family that doesn't use sugar and oil in their kitchen? How come it's just my kitchen that suffers this plague?
 This kitchen has no free resting day. If it's not the large sized ants called honey ants by the kids, it's the tiny ants crawling all over the kitchen cabinets and counters and sometimes crawling into pots of cold food. It used to be cockroaches in my drawers. We took the kitchen waste bin outside and within a month, there was no need for cockroach killer anymore. Please don't think that I have a dirty kitchen, on the contrary, my kitchen is very hygienic but we live close to the bush on the outskirts of the city.

I need your help ma. What can I do to my kitchen to completely eradicate ants in this dry season. As soon as harmattan started, the tiny ants began to surface, now I can't let my crawling baby alone in that kitchn for fear his knees might get stung by kitchen ants. We make sure that the kitchen is clean before going to bed. We started to keep honey inside the refrigerator, even the sugar is stored in airtight containers. What are we not doing right so that ants can forever disappear from my kitchen?


  1. Hi Poster. In my family we have successfully eradicated ants just by adding jik to mopping bucket of water. When jik and detergents are added before mopping, ants don't come even if no mopping is done for days. There are many ways to get rid of this ants and the jik and detergent in mopping water works well for me. Other brands of bleach and detergents may work too. We use jik and ariel. For wiping kitchen counters, just drop a capful of jik or two in your bowl of water, add detergents. Soak a napkin in there, squeeze out some water and wipe. It sends them away for good. Do this often during this dry season. For mopping, just add jik and detergent daily when you mop. It helps even with smells.


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