Chicken carrot tomato stew tastes no different from great Nigerian tomato stews. For the seasons where the tomatoes sold at the markets are sour and not very tasty, blending a few carrots with the tomato fruits really helps to take the boring stew to a next level of taste. For this carrot and tomato stew, we used equal quantity of carrots to tomatoes and honestly, this is the best Nigerian tomato stew yet. Awesomely delicious. The tomato overpowers carrots in a
delicious way. With tomato scarcity in Nigerian markets, this stew comes in handy. You may decide to add more carrots or make the quantity of tomatoes more than your carrots. You can just blend only carrots without tomatoes and make this stew. The thickness depends on your preference. Because I love my soups and stews a bit runny, I always add more stock to give me that consistency. 

For this pot of stew, everyone asked for a second helping. This stew is delicious. For me, if you have been following this blog for some time now, you'll know that when a particular dish turns out not too delicious or below expectation, I have this way of warning my readers to e careful and not waste expensive ingredients or I ask them to cook differently and let's see how it turns out. For this recipe. Do exactly what is written here and come back with your good feedback. 
For this pot of chicken carrot tomato stew, we used a live chicken (Cockerel that weighed almost 2 kg after dressing so, if you are going to cook with this exact measurement of ingredients, you'll need 2kg of meat/chicken/beef or your choice of protein for the stew. All the ingredients for carrot tomato stew are listed below. You can make yours light like this by adding more stock or cook thick stew by adding very little stock.

BEFORE you cook this stew, blend your tomatoes, onion and carrots and boil in
a cooking pot. Once it boils, you 
can turn off the heat or let it dry up a little if that's whjat you want. Letting the pot dry should not be because you want to remove any sour tomato taste. Blending tomatoes with carrots automatically takes away any sour taste. Carrots are sweet and they just transfer that nice taste to the tomatoes.

2 kg chicken
1 medium sized onion
 You can add pepper to chicken before steaming even though I don't 
Salt to taste
2 knorr chicken cubes  
1 teaspoon grated ginger
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
A pinch of dried thyme leaves
1/2 teaspoon curry powder
1 small sized green pepper
Water enough to get to the level of the chicken in the pot.
If you steam your chicken with the ingredients listed above, you'll be shocked at how you always preferred chicken from Restaurants and Fast foods when you could combine ingredients to get that five star chicken taste.

BEFORE cooking very good Nigerian stews, you must first of all know how to steam meats for stews. When we steam meats for Nigerian stews, the ingredients are different from ingredients used for steaming Nigerian soup meats. For this, a combination of all the ingredients above gave us very delicious chicken stock that in turn made the stew very very tasty.
Firstly, wash and chop the onion, tomato and carrots and blend them together. Boil before use.

First combine all the ingredients wit
h the chicken ina pot, stir very well and add water to the level of the chicken.
Next simmer. Make sure the heat is very low so that it penetrates the chicken slowly and brings out the taste to mix with ingredients. On low heat it may not boil, may just be simmering silently but you have to be stirring and bringing the bottom pot up while the ones up go down to feel the heat too and cook. Once it begins to like foam or try to boil, take a little drop on your tongue and adjust by adding salt if it's not enough. If the taste is too strong, add some more water to the stock and let it cook until you are satisfied with the tenderness of the chicken. If you are cooking with frozen soft chicken, do not even let it boil. As soon as it simmers and shows signs of boiling or bubbles, turn off the heat and let it sit there in the stock.

1/2 kg tomatoes
1/2 kg carrots
1 small onion for stir frying
2 seasoning cubes
Salt to taste
My Pepper sauce
2 cups vegetable oil
The steamed chicken with its stock/


1. Fry onion in oil till fragrant.
2. Gradually add the boiled carrots and tomatoes to the oil, let them fry very well before adding the seasoning cubes. Check for salt and add if needed but don't add too much because the stock contains salt too.

3. Add the cooked chicken, stir and let it boil in the stew for about two minutes.

4. Add the chicken stock and stir, check for salt and general taste. Let it boil very well before turning off the heat.
5. Serve with boiled rice, yam, plantain, potatoes or any accompaniment of choice.
Happy Stewing!
Hope I didn't over explain? If there is any part that's not very clear please leave a comment below with your question. I'll clarify.