There was a time I accepted these adoption posts and shared them here but then someone left a comment on one post that it's better to hand over the babies to orphanages and let interested families go there to adopt, than just single handedly give a baby up on your own as if it's a piece of furniture. Sometimes people adopt with other intentions, sometimes things are done so codedly there are no legal document backing it up and that's not ok.

 I'll share the poster's mail down there but would also like to add
that she looks for an orphanage if any around her location, even though I can't think of any orphanage in that location for now. I'm posting this again today so those who know where babies can be properly given up can help out with info, in the comments below. 
I always always say that giving the baby up for adoption is better for that child than taking their lives via abortion but, you are the mother oh.
Below is the mail from expectant young mum who wants to find parents for her unborn child so she and the baby won't starve to death when s/he is eventually born...

"my name is Tabitha, I am from cross river state in ikom local government I am 20 years of age, I am an orphan, I lost my parents wen I was five and my only kid brother also followed, after a serious illment of hiania he had, they was no money to operate it, so he passed out, I am all alone in dis wide world, no helper no family no body, since den life has been a living hell for me, from one frustration to the other I am currently five months pregnant, the it has not been easy, the little shelter I was managing I have been ask to move out, I am currently Hawking ten ten niara pof pof on the streets just to enble see at least a meal in a day, I am close to my grave side, I need your help, and support to get a roof at least over my head, I base in calabar, I am also searching for a family, dat is in need of a child, I am willing to give my child out after birth to a family dat will be able to take care, pls I beg u all to assist a dieying orphan child pls thank u.