Hello Anty Eya, please I need you to help me ask your blog readers for answers. Something has been bothering me about what a makeup artist asked my daughter to include in her makeup kit. My girl just graduated from high school this year, while waiting for University Admission to materialize, we decided to get her
registered for makeup classes. I don't really know much about makeup myself but the makeup artist I use has never applied milk of magnesia as primer.  Is milk of magnesia not meant for oral use only?
My makeup artist uses moisturizers and authentic primer so seeingI milk of magnesia among the makeup kit list, I was worried that there might be side effects effects. when I called the makeup instructor, she asked me not to worry that milk of magnesia is what most women use these  days to help their makeup last all day. Should I believe her or does anyone have long term experience with milk of magnesia and there are no side affects? Please help me post anonymously and I need your own response too.


REPLY: Hello, sorry I posted your mail when there was not enough time to reply. I'm not a makeup artist but know a thing or two about milk of magnesia. As you may already know, Philips milk of magnesia is a very old medication whose use was intended for stomach issues, as a laxative. I remember seeing my own mother administer milk of magnesia to my younger siblings growing up. It was effective as a laxative to help kids with easy bowel movement. Milk of magnesia is made from Magnesium Hydroxide and actually has worked for so so many people with oily skin. It works for acne and people have good things to say about the smooth feel it gives when used as a primer and because it keeps the face dry, makeup tends to last the whole day. After using milk of magnesia as a face primer, most people find it hard returning to normal face primers because of how effective it works. Considering that it dries up oily skin, that's not good for long term use. It's ok to use occasionally but most people start using occasionally and eventually get hooked until the face begins to show signs of dryness after some years. 
According to Since it was originally intended for internal use, topical application should pose no health risk.
  1. Applying too much of MoM on your skin to control oily skin might destroy your normal PH. This allows in harmful bacteria leading to acne and skin breakouts.
  1. Reduction of pores is only good for those with oily skin type. In dry skin however, it may cause excessive drying and skin tightness.
I pray those who have used it will find this post and respond to you. Your daughter can use it but should be careful, should avoid long term use.