Ugu leaf (Fluted pumpkin leaves) stir fry is one of the most affordable yet nutritious Nigerian vegetable stews. This is a low cost recipe cooked quickly with just ugu leaves (fluted pumpkin), fish, oil, pepper, salt onion and seasoning cubes. Simple soup, doesn't require any experience with cooking Nigerian soups because the method is easy. Just stir fry vegetables, add water or stock and your stew is ready. Anyways,
if you add water in place of stock, do not expect the soup to taste like you added stock. It will still taste good but adding stock, whether chicken stock, goat meat stock, beef stock or even snail stock like I did in this, takes the delicious taste to a higher level. There was snail stock from peppered snails prepared a few weeks back, we defrosted and added. It made a huge difference in the taste of this ugu vegetable stew.

This method is the simplest method of cooking ugu leaf. There is another post where eggs and tomatoes were added to make ugu leaf stir fry with tomatoes and eggs.
During my weightloss journey, posted a not so watery recipe of ugu stir fry cooked with crayfish.

1 small bunch ugu
1 bunch water leaf
1 mackerel
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup palm oil
1 red onion
1 teaspoon ground fresh peppers
2 seasoning cubes
2 cups snail stock. You can use your stock of choice.

While you get ready to make this green vegetable stew, wash and cut the vegetables, cut the fish into small pieces, wash and set aside

1. Stir fry the onion with pepper and seasoning cubes till onion is translucent.

2. Add the fish and let ir fry for a few minutes but don't let it dry up. Once it's beginning to cook or brown, it's time to add the stock.

3. Add the stock mand green vegetables, put the lid on the pot and let them cook a bit for about a minute or 2. Stir and check for salt. If needed, adjust and turn off the heat or let it cook some more to your desired colour. I like to cook them green.

4. Serve with boiled rice or some fufu swallow.

5. Enjoy!

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