Confessing to a Nigerian husband that you cheated on him with another man might be the end of your marriage. It is a big risk and if you are not a risk taker, Don't try it. African men are different
from their oyibo counterparts when it comes to marriage. For an oyibo, bothof you are meant to be faithful to each other, uphold marital vows and express affection even publicly. However, majority African men have the mindset that men are polygamous in nature and have a license to cheat afterall... who is the head of the home? You answer in the African language.
This question posted got me thinking... Only very few African men can truly forgive infidelity. For the rest, your confession will hurt so bad they may never be able to forgive. Our men have a sense of entitlement. They can do it and go scot free. Do they apologize when they cheat on you wives? Answer na? Has your Nigerian husband ever confessed that he cheated on you even with glaring evidence? They never do that. They are too in-charge to start confessing to a subordinate. If they do at all... only very few!!

See the question posted and my reason for why you should not confess an affair to your African husband and the more preferred thing to do:"
A Nigerian wife posted...
"I got married few years ago. I wasn't so much in love with him but I did accept him cuz of convenience and I knew love will grow with time.
But it didn't work out like that as the first year of our marriage was hell. He was loving and caring but I was not feeling it. I was always thinking of divorce.
Then I cheated on him couple of times with a colleague of mine.
The affair lasted few months and I became ashamed of myself.

I decided to make things work and started doing the things I know he loves. My husband forgave me though he didn't know I cheated.
Our relationship is going on so well now and for the past years we've been fine and I must say I have truly fallen in love with my husband.

My problem is, I still feel guilt all the time. Do I just let sleeping dogs lie or confess to him?
I feel so guilty and it hunts me so bad".


  1. 1. Confess to God and sin no more. Sin no more!!! African Men don't forgive that sin easily. You may never get the forgiveness from him. Be wise and don't let foolish guilt destroy your home.

  2. 2. Confess to him only if you want to see your husband in prison. He'll o after the man you cheated on him with and may eventually earn the name murrrrdrrrrrer.

  3. 3. His close friends will know about your confession because he'll be so disturbed and confused that he'll go seeking their advise on best decision to take concerning the cheating matter on ground.

  4. That honest confession might start an argument that will lead to a fight that may put your name among The Late and gone forever and make your children suffer for your stupidity.

  5. 5. Get ready to sign divorce papers because incase he cannot forgive you, he may not be able to continue living with you under the same roof

  6. 6. Start preparing to become a widow because they don't know how to handle those thoughts... The thought of you in tha otha room with another man can lead to his demise if he truly loves you. Be wise and stop talking about stupid guilt. Save your home first before you think about guilt or maybe go for therapy and private counselling from a reputable firm that won't tell you to go confessing bad things to man.

  7. 7. To be honest with you dear guilty sister, some black man will prefer you never told them because what they don't know won't hurt.


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