Why no side effects? The skin whitening and anti aging effects are actually supposed to be the side effects, believe me nor be advert ! So, I went Online researching on anti aging foods so I can eat and eat and remain young for my family. In my heart, I think that I'm aging too fast and  don't want to age lai lai. While reading, I bumped into
an article on what most Nigerian celebrities are using to whiten their skin and remain looking young. The article mentioned glutathione capsules. That got me interested but on second thought I was like NO! This must have side effects and I went back to Google to see the side effects of glutathione. That was when I discovered that the whitening of the skin and anti aging effect of gluta is actually what's supposed to be the side effect. No other side effects and I'm like, "then I like this type of side effects oh" If after taking a capsule, my aging is slowed down, I look fresh with fuller hair and stronger nails, My skin looking brighter and smoother and someone tells me that these great signs are supposed to be side effects, why won't I love those side effects. I read further that glutathione is actually part of what's administered to cancer patients to help manage the effects of radiation. And that when patients are treated with glutathione, after cancer is cured, their skin looks whiter and they tend to look younger because of the side effects of gluta which to me is a beautiful side effect. The site went on to explain that the whitening effect works more for whites because they have no melanin and that for blacks, because of the melanin content of our skin, it's not able to whiten us but there's a visible physical difference, like skin smoothness and tightening. some toning, fuller hair and stronger nails. (You can shop gluta here)

Honestly, for someone who went to search for side effects only to read that what you want from this capsule is actually supposed to be the side effect for white women and that because you are black woman, woman  of colour, those side effects become blessings to your skin. Who won't be interested? Quickly I went to Jumia and ordered 2 bottles. You can shop them on Amazon too (Gluta white capsules).

  This happened early this year but I couldn't blog about it because I wasn't an affiliate with them yet and only wanted to talk if someone would give me some bottles to sell for myself.  My orders arrived Abuja within 3 days and I immediately took it to a pharmacist to confirm. The pharmacist confirmed what I read Online and suggested that I add Vitamin C to my daily dose, That taking it with Vitamin C will be great for my skin and general well being. She stated that I shouldn't buy anyhow Vitamin C, it has to be 1000mg and not the one we dissolve in water to take. Vitamin C 1000mg that's swallowed like other tablets not the sweet or coloured one. I got the vitamin C and started taking daily with my Gluta White and honestly speaking, in those two months, I saw a difference, my hairline began to grow dark hair, my skin felt really different and even though it cannot really bleach black women, I felt lighter than my usual brown skin and my flaky nails grew such that my family members noticed the difference because ordinarily, my finger nails don't grow long before they break. My plan was to order more before the two bottles got exhausted but just then my daily supplements arrived and some people were that since I blog and sit long hours in front of the computer, that I should just return back to my supplements because they boost energy levels. Someone even suggested that I focus on energy levels and leave my daughters to focus on skin and hair levels, lol.
The last five capsules in my bottle.
The two bottles I ordered from Jumia around March this year
Waiting for my large bottle supplement (by the right) to finish before I order more Gluta White.
These remaining five capsules were the ones I didn't take before returning to women daily supplement for women over forty. Now I'm an affiliate and this morning I saw the Gluta white bottles in my drawer and just felt like sharing with blog readers in case anyone is interested in all those skin, hair and nail benefits. For me, once my women's one a day is exhausted, I'll order and continue with the gluta. It works for my skin! If you are interested, you can order from here and please lafter using like 3 bottles, let us know how far, how it worked for your skin and hair.
Start shopping your own now.