Or you want customers to inbox so you check their status before naming price? Displaying goods online and asking customers to inbox you for price is bad for business. When you display your goods Online, know that you have gone Worldwide and shouldn't bring that Naija price haggling/bargaining style to it.
 When you enter a supermarket and see goods displayed, do you go looking for the manager to ask the price of what you want? 
Stop it please! That's killing your business. Me especially, I have
never gone inbox to ask the price of anything because that extra time is precious to me. Can't go inboxing for price when there are other sellers of that Agbo drink. After displaying your goods online , on Social media for sale, without price tags, know that if 10 people inbox you for price details, that you have lost times two of that. You have lost 20 customers who didn't bother to come have a private chat because they want to patronise your business. 

Even if the product is expensive. Put the price there let people see and those who can afford will sure buy. Don't be scared that people will think your goods are expensive. It's better some people say you are expensive while you make sales to others than block yourself completely with that common phrase of most Naija Online Business owners. You started advertising goods on Social media long ago but no conversions, you not making sales and wondering what's wrong? It's you preventing your customers from seeing the price of what you sell. What are you hiding? Be open and transparent to your customers. I see this alot on Facebook and Instagram Influencers. Do you want people to inbox so you check their status before giving them price? That won't work because those who know, know that when you check their profile, the price will go up and they'll rather drive to the market or supermarket and shop. If you display price with goods it will lead to good conversions because sometimes people are quick to commit and pay before regretting. By then the money is snoring already in your bank.Put the price there and win over instinctive and impulsive buyers even if not for anything. 

Asking interested buyers to inbox you could mean that you are unserious or not ready to sell. Hide nothing. Try to make the best of every available opportunity. When interested people ask questions, give answers there so that other customers can see. No need for inbox me privacy and whatever. That phrase doesn't help aggressive marketing at all.

Stop killing your business with that "inbox for price" phrase. Price tag is very very important. If you are bold enough to display the item on sale, be bold enough to put the price there and wait for buyers. Stop hiding the price of your goods if you want to make real sales. By naming your price there, you simplify the purchase process and make it easy for customers to act.